Last Day For Pokemon Go's Christmas Event

You only have a few more hours to catch a Santa hat Pikachu.


The holidays may have come and gone, but Pokemon Go players still have one more chance to take part in the game's second annual Christmas event. The in-game event concludes tomorrow, January 4, giving you a few more hours to catch a rare festive Pikachu and take advantage of increased spawns for certain Pokemon.

The holiday event began last month, on December 22. Like the first Pokemon Go Christmas event, it introduced a Santa hat-wearing Pikachu, which can only be encountered during the event. This special Pikachu can evolve into a Santa hat Raichu, and unlike the previous holiday event, you also have a chance to hatch a rare Santa hat Pichu.

In addition to the festive Pikachu, the holiday event introduced 20 more Ice- and Water-type Pokemon originally from Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire to the mobile game, including Relicanth, Milotic, Sharpedo, and Wailord. Players also have a chance to encounter Ice-type Pokemon such as Seel, Shellder, and Swinub more frequently for the duration of the event. Finally, Pokemon Go's in-game shop will continue to sell special boxes that contain Super Incubators, Lure Modules, and new Star Pieces until January 4.

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While the game's Christmas event may soon be coming to an end, players have a bit more time to capture Pokemon Go's current Legendary Pokemon, Groudon. The powerful Ground-type monster can be encountered as a Raid Battle at certain Gyms until January 15. Groudon is the first Gen 3 Legendary to appear in Pokemon Go, though developer Niantic teased that its Pokemon Sapphire counterpart, Kyogre, may also soon be added to the game.

Niantic recently released a new update for Pokemon Go that added an improved AR+ mode to the game. The mode makes Pokemon appear closer to their actual size in the mobile game, along with making them more aware of their surroundings. Niantic CEO John Hanke also confirmed that Pokemon Go will finally be released in China, though he didn't give any indication as to when the game will roll out in the region.

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