[Last Day] Five Free Games For Amazon / Twitch Prime Subscribers Available

If you have an Amazon Prime membership, you can now grab five more free games from Twitch.

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We're in April, which means a new stack of free games is available for Twitch users with Amazon Prime. This is all part of the Free Games With Prime program, which formally began last month and will continue each month going forward. [Update: It's the end of April, making this your last opportunity to claim these freebies before they're placed by May's lineup.]

April's free games are headed up by SteamWorld Dig 2, a fantast-style platformer about digging deep into the ground to see what kinds of loot and enemies you find. Also available are the adventure game Tales from the Borderlands: A Telltale Game Series, the nostalgia-heavy RPG Kingsway, and Tokyo 42, a stealth-action game set in futuristic Japan. Last but not least is DubWars, which pairs Dubstep electronic music with top-down shooting.

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Twitch Prime is a perk for Amazon Prime members. All you have to do is link your Amazon Prime account to your Twitch account. Once you do, you can download all five games for no cost between now and April 30. They're yours to keep forever, even if you cancel Amazon Prime at some point down the line. The only slight catch is that you need the Twitch desktop app to install them. To find your freebies, just click the crown-shaped Prime Loot icon next to the search bar on Twitch.

We don't know for sure what free games will be on offer next month for Twitch Prime members, but Tumblestone and High Hell will be part of the program at some point. Other freebies currently available for Twitch Prime members include some neat loot for Epic's popular shooter, Fortnite: Battle Royale.

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I'm already a Prime and a Twitch member. Can anyone send me a link to where we can actually download these games? For some reason I can't seem to find it. Thank you in advance for your help!

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To start with, you'll need a Twitch Prime account. If you're starting from scratch, you can sign on the Twitch Prime website. If you have an Amazon Prime account, however, you can go to the website and activate Twitch Prime just by linking Amazon Prime at no extra charge. Take note -- the same holds true if your parents, neighbors, friends or roommates have an Amazon Prime account but aren't particularly interested in PC gaming or streaming. Ask around. If you have an Amazon Prime account but no gaming PC, see if a friend wants the games.

After that, you'll need to go to Twitch and sign into your new account, or your old one if you've been here before. Click on the crown in the upper right-hand corner -- the same place you may have gone to grab your free Fortnite skins. You should see each game individually on a little list: just hit claim offer beneath the one you want.

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@ymo1965: Download the Twitch app for PC. Your games will be listed under 'My Games'. Hope this helps!

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Wow. Is there anything that's not included with Amazon Prime? It used to be just about premium shipping on all orders. Now there's been enough crap piled on top of it to suffice for 3 or 4 different subscription services.

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@Atzenkiller: I know, I used to pay £8.99 for Netflix but this is a no-brainer. Amazon Prime gives you a pretty good alternative plus music, next day deliveries and more for £1 less. If you Live in certain key places in the uk you can get deliveries within 2 hours. Not sure about other locations but that in itself is pretty damn amazing!