[Last Chance] Where Is Xur Today? Destiny 2 Exotic Location, Weapon, And Armor (November 22-26)

Visit Xur in Destiny 2 and grab one of the best Titan Exotics before it gets nerfed.


Destiny 2's servers were down for most of the day Friday, making it a bit tougher to visit Xur than most weekends. But there's still time to visit the Agent of the Nine before he leaves the solar system, allowing you to pick up a few Exotics you might be missing. [Update: Xur is gone, but you can check out our The Dawning recipes guide to help you with the current event.]

Of particular note this week in Destiny 2 is One-Eyed Mask, a favorite Exotic helmet for Titans, particularly in the Crucible. Though Bungie plans to nerf the helmet's effectiveness with the start of its next content season, the Season of the Undying, you still have a couple of weeks to mess around with the helmet and use it to get some vengeance on fellow Guardians.

Here's where you can find Xur and a full rundown of everything he's selling.

Xur Location

Xur is camped out on Earth this week, in the EDZ's Winding Cove area. Spawn in at the Winding Cove transmat zone and then head north toward the cliff that marks the edge of the area. You'll have to do some climbing to get up to the ridge where Xur is hanging out--look for a crashed Fallen dropship and a few nearby enemies, and you'll find Xur standing at the edge of the cliff.

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What Is Xur Selling?

Xur's weapon this week is another oldie-but-goodie Crucible favorite. It's Wardcliff Coil, a rocket launcher that heaves out tons of rockets at once, making it great for shutting down multiple Guardians in PvP. It's also a pretty solid weapon in PvE situations thanks to the spread of damage it does.

If Xur's wares aren't compelling, you can always roll the dice on the expensive Fated Engram he brings with you. This gives you a single Exotic from the limited pool of ones you haven't already earned, for the price of 97 Legendary shards. If there's something you're missing from your collection, it's a good deal, but be sure to purchase it on the character who's missing the Exotic, and note that you can only get one per week, so choose wisely which of your characters makes the buy. If you're a PC or Xbox One player taking advantage of cross-save, you can now potentially get Wavesplitter from the Fated Engram as well.

Xur Item Lineup (Nov. 22-26)

  • Wardcliff Coil (Exotic rocket launcher)
  • Verity's Brow (Exotic Warlock helmet)
  • The Sixth Coyote (Exotic Hunter chest armor)
  • One-Eyed Mask (Exotic Titan helmet)

Wardcliff Coil

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You're probably used to seeing Wardcliff Coil in the Crucible if you spend any significant amount of time there. It's a solid choice for your Heavy weapon in just about any mode, because instead of shooting just one rocket, it fires a giant volley that is almost guaranteed to kill anything in its path. The drawback is that the rockets aren't very accurate, so you'll need to be fairly close to your quarry.

Verity's Brow (Warlock)

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Grenades and energy weapons get a boost from Xur's offering for Warlocks this week, Verity's Brow. The helmet creates a synergistic relationship between your energy weapon kills and your grenades, recharging grenade energy for you and nearby allies with every energy weapon kill. That makes it great to pair with weapons like The Recluse, with which you can churn out a lot of kills very quickly.


  • Mobility: 12
  • Resilience: 6
  • Recovery: 8
  • Discipline: 10
  • Intellect: 6
  • Strength: 6
  • Total: 48

The Sixth Coyote

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The Hunter option from Xur this week is pretty straightforward. The Sixth Coyote does one thing: It gives you a second dodge charge. That's pretty handy if paired with a melee-specific build, since the Gambler's Dodge for Hunters gives you an instant melee back whenever you use it near enemies. Likewise, if you want quicker reloads, you can combine it with the Marksman's Dodge, which instantly reloads your guns. Throw it onto a Nightstalker build and you can add in the ability to go invisible, too.


  • Mobility: 11
  • Resilience: 7
  • Recovery: 7
  • Discipline: 10
  • Intellect: 6
  • Strength: 6
  • Total: 47

One-Eyed Mask

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This week's standout Exotic in Xur's bag is One-Eyed Mask, a Titan helmet that gives some useful bonuses, especially in the Crucible. Whenever you take damage while wearing the mask, the person who hurt you is marked on your screen. Track them down and kill them, and you'll receive both an overshield and instant healing--which can make you extremely tough to kill in situations with multiple opponents. Although it's getting nerfed a bit at the start of the Season of the Dawn, One-Eyed Mask is still a worthwhile Exotic to have in any Titan's collection.


  • Mobility: 6
  • Resilience: 7
  • Recovery: 13
  • Discipline: 6
  • Intellect: 6
  • Strength: 10
  • Total: 48

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