Last Chance To Snag Two Free PC Games At Epic

The Epic Games Store is giving away two free games right now, including open-world action game Just Cause 4.


The Epic Games Store free games program offers one, two, and sometimes even three free PC games each week. The current pair of freebies are Just Cause 4 and Wheels of Aurelia, but you're running out of time to claim them. You have until tomorrow, April 23 at 8 AM PT / 11 AM ET to snag both of them. If you've never claimed free games at Epic, you simply need to register for a free account, and you'll get to keep the games forever.

Just Cause 4, one of the rare free AAA games at Epic, released in 2018 to mixed reviews. You play as series protagonist Rico Rodriguez on an adventure across a fictional South American country dubbed Solis. The main villain, Oscar Espinoza, creates drastic changes in weather like sandstorms and tornadoes with high-tech devices. It sounds rather absurd, because that's what the franchise is known for. Just Cause 4 offers a large playground for Rico to explore using his various traversal methods like the awesome wingsuit and grappling hook.

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Sadly, the cool gadgets and impressive weather conditions are underutilized due to the bland, repetitive mission structure. You can still make your own fun, but Just Cause 4's parts don't add up to a cohesive whole. However, it's still worth checking out since it'll be free.

The game earned a 6/10 in GameSpot's Just Cause 4 review. "Just Cause 4 has incredible moments where beauty and destruction cross with Rico's ability to zip around the world at a moment's notice. It's gratifying and easy to grasp, especially when you're able to string a series of wingsuit fly-bys, vehicles hijackings, and fiery explosions all in the name of revolution, but those moments are either short-lived or tied to rudimentary missions," critic Michael Higham wrote.

Wheels of Aurelia is a visual novel adventure starring two women at a crossroads in their lives. They decide to flee Italy for France with each other but for very different reasons. Saying much more about the story of Wheels of Aurelia would spoil it, as each playthrough only lasts around 15 minutes. Your dialogue choices alter the story's trajectory, and there are 16 different endings that unlock over time.

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For the King, an RPG with roguelike and tabletop elements, will be free starting tomorrow until April 30. The Epic Games Store isn't the only destination for free games right now--check out our running list of every free game you can claim today.

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