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Last Chance To Snag These 2 Free Games

Offworld Trading Company and Gonner are the latest free games.


Another two-game free week just kicked off on the Epic Games Store, with real-time strategy game Offworld Trading Company and platforming roguelike Gonner up for grabs. These games are available to claim until March 12, when the next round of free games--Mutazione, Anodyne 2: Return to Dust, and A Short Hike--will become available.

Offworld Trading Company
Offworld Trading Company

Released in 2016, Offworld Trading Company is an RTS set on Mars. Unlike most popular strategy games, you aren't guiding units into battle, you're helming one of four trading companies that seeks to colonize Mars and control all of the newly inhabited planet's resources. It's much faster paced than your average strategy game, too, which makes the race for resources a constantly entertaining and unpredictable ride.

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The unique strategy game earned a 9/10 in GameSpot's Offworld Trading Company review. "Offworld is a revelation. It's almost unparalleled in the genre. Each and every game is thrilling. Every moment is a challenge. And the brutality of the free market ensures that you can never rest on your laurels, less you be quashed by the invisible hand," Daniel Starkey wrote.


The second free game, Gonner, is also fast-paced, but it couldn't be more different than Offworld Trading Company. Gonner is a challenging roguelike platformer with procedurally generated environments and serious Downwell vibes. You play as Ikk, a blob creature who is on a journey to find Sally, who is both Ikk's only friend and a land-bound whale.

Epic announced earlier this year that it would continue its free games program through 2020. To grab one or two free PC games each week, all you need to do is create a free Epic account. Claimed freebies will stay in your library forever.

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