Last Chance To Grab These Two Free Games

Abzu and The End Is Nigh are the latest freebies.


The Epic Games Store has continued to offer free weekly games for its users, and another solid batch of games are now available: The End Is Nigh and Abzu. It's hard to top last week's offering of freebies--Celeste and Inside--but it's worth claiming these latest free games while they're available for the next week. To take advantage of these weekly free games, all you need is a free Epic Games account. Once you add them to your account, the games are yours to keep--no subscription of any sort needed.

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Abzu is an underwater adventure game where you play as a diver exploring lush ocean environments, from kelp forests to coral reefs and black trenches, encountering all kinds of sea life along the way. Its development team included several people who worked on Journey, and Abzu is similar to that game in that there's no dialogue or overt story. It did, however, earn a 9/10 in GameSpot's Abzu review.

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"When I die, I hope whatever happens next is even half as beautiful as Abzu," wrote critic Scott Butterworth. "Its mesmerizing soundtrack and Wind Waker-esque visuals are among the most enrapturing in recent memory, yet the game's true beauty stems not from its bittersweet score and inviting undersea environments but from its unfailing ability to imbue every moment with childlike wonder. Abzu is serene and meditative, calming and cathartic, moving and timeless, its simple components assembled so elegantly as to become something altogether richer."

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Then you've got The End Is Nigh, an apocalyptic platformer from the developer of Super Meat Boy and The Binding of Isaac. In The End Is Nigh, you'll control a small black blob called Ash, one of the sole survivors of "the end of the world." As you make your way through over 600 single-screen levels, you'll gather collectibles that consist of tumors and video game cartridges (yes, you read that right). There are also multiple endings and bonus levels to be discovered. While GameSpot hasn't reviewed The End Is Nigh, the game has generally positive reviews on Metacritic and Steam.

Abzu and The End Is Nigh will be available for free via the Epic Games Store until next Thursday, September 12, when they'll be replaced by Conarium as the next free game.

Get Abzu and The End Is Nigh free at Epic

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