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Last Chance To Grab Oxenfree For Free In The Epic Store

The Witness will be Epic's next giveaway.


In case you haven't heard: The Epic Games Store is giving away a free PC game every two weeks this year to celebrate its first 12 months in business, and all you have to do is create a free Epic account to claim it. Since March 21, Epic account holders have had access to a free download of Oxenfree, a supernatural mystery game from Night School Studio. Oxenfree is only free for one more day--the deal ends tomorrow, April 4--and once you claim the game in that time period, it's yours to keep forever. You don't even have to install it.

Oxenfree is a story-driven adventure where you play as a teenage girl named Alex on a weekend trip with her friends to an island. After they accidentally trigger the release of a supernatural force, Alex and her friends must find a way to set things right and escape with their lives. Alex has free rein to explore the whole island, and the main gameplay centers around dialogue bubbles that appear above her head as she talks--at any given time, you have multiple dialogue choices to pick from, or you can choose to say nothing at all. Player choices have a significant impact and multiple endings are possible.

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"The rabbit hole of influence goes deep in Oxenfree--from playing matchmaker among Alex's friends to destroying or strengthening her own relationships with them--and it's entertaining to repeat it all in an effort to learn what could be," wrote Alexa Ray Corriea in GameSpot's Oxenfree review. The game received an 8/10 for its amazing dialogue, unpredictable story, fantastic soundtrack, and deep influence of player choice.

Oxenfree generally sells for $20 on PC, so don't miss this chance to pick it up for 100% off. And if you fall in love with its style and story, keep an eye out for the next game from Night School Studio, Afterparty, which is set to release this year.

The Epic Store also revealed its next free game will be The Witness, a gorgeous open-world puzzle game you won't want to miss. The Witness will replace Oxenfree in the Epic Store on April 4 and be available for free until April 18.

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