Last Chance To Grab March's Free PS Plus Games For PS4

They'll be free to download for just a few more days.

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Now Playing: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered And The Witness - PS Plus March Free Games

PlayStation Plus slimmed down in March, as PS3 and Vita games are no longer being offered as free monthly games for PS Plus members. That leaves just two PlayStation 4 games as the PS Plus freebies each month, but in March, they're rather big ones: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered and The Witness. They're also both enhanced for PlayStation Pro, if you happen to own the higher-end system. As we head into April, it's your last chance to pick up both of these fantastic games for free--they're available to download until April 2 at 8 AM PST / 11 AM EST.

At that time, they'll be replaced by April's two free PS Plus games, which were recently announced: science-fiction RPG The Surge and open-world survival sim Conan Exiles.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered is the 2016 revamp of the 2007 classic. Modern Warfare remains one of the most critically acclaimed shooters of all time, and helped establish the Call of Duty series as a titanic franchise for Activision. Modern Warfare Remastered was originally included with 2016's Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, before being sold separately. We've heard word that the company will return to the series with this year's installment.

The Witness is the follow-up to Braid from creator Jonathan Blow. It's also from 2016, offering a series of interconnected puzzles that impact the world. "The Witness molds its world, puzzles, and themes into such a layered, cohesive whole that, if we look hard enough, we'll keep finding new ways to perceive it," said critic Mike Mahardy in GameSpot's review.

Download March's free PS Plus games:

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Avatar image for dragonsama

I already have MW1 Remaster so no good for me there.

I'm interested in The Witness. I played Braid and liked it a lot and the Meta Narrative in the game added an extra layer to it. Hopefully the Witness has something similar

Avatar image for tsunami2311

CoD not dead yet? not intrested in this months game i guess

Avatar image for ftskamins

I was hoping for the Division since No2 is coming out but it didnt happen....I guess playing the best COD multiplayer again is Ok for now.

Avatar image for BlazeKingz

Oh wow instead of getting 6 games i now get 2 BIG games and by BIG you mean The witness, a puzzle game that retailers who sell ps4 games dont even bother trying to sell anymore as no one gives a shit about the game. And WOW a remaster! AKA you are giving me a game from 2007 with slightly better graphics *gasp*.

All these 2 games? Wow so amazing, never mind the fact that they INCREASED the price for ps+ awhile back. Yea this is garbage and im never buying ps+ again.

Avatar image for dudemanjoebob

@BlazeKingz: Umm, retailers never sold The Witness as it has only ever been a digital game...

But yes, The Witness is pretty big considering it was directed by Jonathan Blow, one of the most highly regarded independent developers who helped start the independent game wave back in 2008 along with others like Castle Crashers. It holds an 87 on Metacritic from 82 critics, an 86% positive score on Steam with 6000 reviews, and a 4.5/5 on PSN from 5000 reviews and the game has made millions of dollars.

A lot of people do care about this game.

Avatar image for BlazeKingz

@dudemanjoebob: The witness was promoted to hell with the whole "directed by Jonathan Blow" which is why it was big for like a month. Its a pretty puzzle game. And be reasonable ratings dont mean shit. If you dontlike puzzles then this game has nothing for you.

Avatar image for dudemanjoebob

@BlazeKingz: Yeah, devs with great track records get promoted a lot. Sekiro wouldn't have been hyped as much before launch if the devs weren't FromSoftware. Red Dead Redemption 2 wouldn't have been hyped as much without Rockstar. Death Stranding wouldn't be hyped as much without Kojima. Cyberpunk 2077 wouldn't be hyped as much without CD Projekt RED. This is how it works with any piece of entertainment.

I know ratings don't mean a whole lot in the grand scheme of things. I was pointing out that the game is cared about a lot more than you implied in your initial post. You can't say nobody cared about it when the game has great scores from both critics and thousands of users on multiple different platforms.

And of course if you don't like puzzle games it won't be for you. Can't that be said of any genre? If you don't like horror/scary games, well, RE7 probably has nothing for you. And if you don't like action RPG games, Bloodborne probably has nothing for you either.

Avatar image for cammeyz

First time iv'e felt like jumping ship.......Love my ps, but with Xbox getting so much better for the money recently, just feel like PS isn't caring anymore since they have our subs.

Avatar image for PrimusTool

Sony is starting to remind me of how they were in 2006. They got too powerful, they got over confident, then their quality went to crap. At least Sony got better once they were getting dominated in sales by Microsoft and Nintendo but it took them a few years to right the sinking ship. I'm tempted to buy more multiplat games on my xbox instead until Sony gets better.

Avatar image for bignoli

I believe will all be surprised by the following free or paid subscription games we get in the following months (and on 2019 overall. Call me positive i guess.

I think that the games offered this month are decent but far from surprising. Specially this 2 coming out the very first month after cutting Vita and Ps3 (who even cared about those ? really). I believe they could have done better but other people will find it amazing. At the end this are games offered for the entire PS4 Plus community and not just YOU and YOUR opinion.

Hopefully we see that happen. So far I am too busy with Anthem, will be busy with Division 2 so I really don´t care which games were going to be in the list.

Avatar image for thedarklinglord

The Witness might have been a critical darling, but I don't think it qualifies as a 'big one,' given that the majority of people who were stoked for the follow-up to Braid probably bought the game at release. And no matter how seminal the game, a friggin' remaster does not qualify as anything special. When you claim Sony is offering 'rather big ones' as the PS+ freebies, I was expecting something like God of War and Nier Automata. You know, actual big games.

It'll be interesting to see how only offering two free games with PS+ will work out for Sony. With only two titles, they can't dump the typical crap games they've been doing for years now without infuriating/alienating their customers. Sure, the people who really care about multiplayer won't have a choice but to pay, but the rest of us... My subscription lapsed a couple months ago and, honestly, Sony hasn't given me a reason to want to renew. They really better get their hubris sorted out before 2020 when new consoles drop, or they might have to endure another PS3 launch to give them a reality check. Sony might be on top now, but Microsoft is making moves and all they need to do is finally get a decent library of decent exclusive (or semi-exclusive, since they seem committed to launching simultaneously on PC) to go with their more robust, consumer-friendly services/features to take back the crown.

Avatar image for boardsport311

I’m stoked with both of these, they’re both games I want to play but don’t want to spend money on.

Avatar image for Atzenkiller

@boardsport311: That totally makes sense. So what are you spending your money on then? Games you don't want to play?

Avatar image for sinister432

@Atzenkiller: maybe he not got the money to buy every game he wants

Avatar image for Atzenkiller

@sinister432: And maybe he just likes playing games that he doesn't think are worth his money.

Avatar image for bignoli


Avatar image for sealionact

@Atzenkiller: Uh...he's spending money on games he WANTS to play.


Avatar image for Atzenkiller

@sealionact: So you're saying that he's lying and doesn't actually want to play those games?

Avatar image for sealionact

@Atzenkiller: Have no idea how you're getting to wherever you are in this thread.

Avatar image for Atzenkiller

@sealionact: I can see that. Maybe you should read the initial post I replied to carefully again.

Avatar image for batusai4ever

@sealionact: guess you did not attend to sarcasm 101...or maybe you are still in diapers and can't comprehend

Avatar image for ronthallsballs

Well at least the 2 freebies on offer this month are “rather big ones”. Yep, a remastered PS3 game and a fuckin’ mobile game..... WHOOOOOOO!!! Hey! Watch out now! Some “rather big ones” headed your way! I bet next month will have some “rather big ones” as well. Probably Fable 3 remaster and Candy Crush.

Avatar image for decadentdescent

Eh, at least there's good game on the list I've been waiting to play. Don't care for the other, generic first person shooter trash, though.

Avatar image for Ravanofdarkness

Not only did they increase the Price for PS+ twice within the last 4 years here in Europe from €4.99 to €6.99 then €7.99 a Month but now offer less Games each Month without increasing the Value of the PS4 PS+ Games, what a complete joke. Already own CoD4: Remastered and i think the Majority that plays it owns it too not to mention the Game is nearly always on Sale for €9.99 down from the standard €19.99 Price.

I've looked up The Witness and the Game looks like Indie trash, surprised it even goes for €36.99, at best i'd say it shouldn't cost more then €14.99 and don't even get me started with Sony not having released any Major new Software features with their Updates for the past 2 YEARS!!! The LIVE Streaming Option on PS4 needs to be improved big time by letting us Customize our Chatbox, Seperate Volume Controls for the Streaming, Donation Button etc... not to mention how about adding a "Gifting Option" on PSN like you can on XboxLIVE and Steam.

Glad to see that when a Company does so well and has such a lead they stop caring about delivering the best experience for their paying customers.

Avatar image for Atzenkiller

@Ravanofdarkness: Is the MW remake still active? I used to love the original but didn't feel like paying for the remake. So it being available with PS+ is nice, if anyone's still playing it. But even that remake has been out for years at this point.

Avatar image for 93ChevyNut

I really wanted to COD: MW Re bought couldn't bring myself to pay for it. This is fantastic. Loved the campaign!

Avatar image for BridgeToClarity

Great news for me. I love Modern Warfare single player. Never bought the ps4 version. Happy to play that again.

Avatar image for Xristophoros

i will admit that i was wrong. i didn't think sony would stoop to this level and cheat its loyal fans... they take two games away from us and replace them with NOTHING. this is depreciated value no matter how you look at it. we should be getting FOUR ps4 games a month... 1 AAA and 3 indi's would be fine by me. why people would defend getting less is beyond my comprehension.

Avatar image for Atzenkiller

@Xristophoros: The MW remake is the decent game, and if we got one of those per month it would certainl ybe a big improvement. Before that we got maybe 2 or 3 decent games per year and a bunch of indie crap that I'd never even touch. Yeah, I'm perfectly fine without those indie games. PS+ is a rip off either way, no matter how you look at it.

Avatar image for Xristophoros

@Atzenkiller: 2-3 per year? that is pure hyperbole.

Avatar image for Atzenkiller

@Xristophoros: Don't know what I'm supposed to see in that list. To me it's mostly trash but obviously some people see these games differently. If you enjoy getting those "free games" forced on you, then enjoy, but I couldn't care less about 99% of them.

Avatar image for TacticaI

@Xristophoros: It is beyond your comprehension that a PS3 and VITA game don’t equal 2 PS4 games in value? You must be chronically disappointed with this industry with those kinds of expectations. It’s nice thought though.

Avatar image for sealionact

@TacticaI: His expectations probably stretch to thinking that if Sony raise the price of a psplus twice in a short time, they would offer something more? Not just take 2 games away and offer nothing in return for more money.

Avatar image for jako998

@Xristophoros: lol to bad that won't ever happen, you expected them to do 4 ps4 games from now on? You know how much money they would lose to do that? If they did that than expect a increase to PS plus price

Avatar image for Atzenkiller

@jako998: Not too much? Who buys that indie crap anyway? I doubt some indie game being available for free for a month would make any difference to them. Because their sales numbers never come anywhere close to the big titles, and because there are so many shitty mobile quality games now, that 1 or 2 in a hundred or so that are being released each month is like a drop in the ocean.

Avatar image for RaveNRolla

isn't it a reMAKE of the original? that's what rob on psaccess claimed ("built from the ground up...").

Avatar image for cejay0813

@RaveNRolla: I'd say more of remaster. They didn't change actual content... for the most part, but there might be more that went into it. I'd classify RE2 as a remake. If you've never played the original you'd have think it was something that game but it reeaaaally wasn't. MW and MW:Remastered are the same game essentially.

Either way, what they did to RE2 and MW remastered should apply to all remasters/remakes going forward to be classified as such.

Another example is Halo and Halo 2... as far as being remastered over remade.

Avatar image for Marky360

Ok so the Witness is just some garbage indie puzzle game but COD 4 MW remaster if defo a good one. Now that we're down to 2 games tho Sony gotta up the quality with the PS4 release no more indie garbage Sony we only want to see REAL PS4 games from here on out since that's all we're getting now. Over on Xbox the Xbox One games suck but the last Gen offerings are real good and with them being backwards compatible and playable on the Xbox One that's some good news.

Avatar image for dadlife14

@Marky360: Have you played The Witness? It's not garbage, it's genius.

Avatar image for Marky360


Yea I believe I already got this on Xbox and it indeed was garbage to me.

Avatar image for REDShadowG

Meh. I wish they'd put out more exclusives for it. I mean that's literally the only reason to own a console in the first place.

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