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Last Chance To Grab FF7 Remake For Its Best Price Yet

You can save $20 on the PS4 exclusive at multiple retailers right now, but the deal ends tomorrow.


Despite the fact that the PS5 is looming, the PS4 has had a banner year when it comes to exclusive games, with hit titles like Final Fantasy VII Remake, Ghost of Tsushima, and The Last of Us Part II releasing all in the span of a few months. Given the wealth of great new games already in 2020, it's understandable if you haven't grabbed all of the must-play new PS4 titles. And if that's the case for you with Final Fantasy VII Remake, you're in luck. Final Fantasy VII Remake is on sale for $40--its best price yet--at Amazon, Best Buy, and GameStop.

If you prefer a digital copy, the PlayStation Store is selling Final Fantasy VII Remake for $39.59 until August 20--just one more day is left to take advantage of the deal. GameStop's deal also ends August 20, so it's safe to assume Amazon and Best Buy will likely have FFVII Remake for $40 until then as well. Those who already own the base game can purchase the Digital Deluxe Upgrade for $13.20, down from $20. It comes with a digital art book, mini-soundtrack, Cactuar Summon Materia, and Carbuncle Summon Materia.

The long-anticipated remake of one of the most iconic JRPGs of all time earned a rare 10/10 in GameSpot's Final Fantasy VII Remake review, with managing editor Tamoor Hussain praising the reworked combat system, deftly told story, and modernized version of Midgar.

"Regardless of your history with the original game, Final Fantasy VII Remake is an astounding achievement," Hussain wrote. "The wait for its release was a long one, but in gameplay, story, characters, and music, it delivers--the wait was worth it. For first-time players, it's an opportunity to understand why Final Fantasy VII is held in such high regard. It's the chance to experience a multifaceted story that grapples with complex subject matter, be in the company of memorable characters, and be moved by their plight. For returning fans, this isn't the Final Fantasy VII your mind remembers, it's the one your heart always knew it to be."

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Though just the first part of the Final Fantasy VII story, the remake offers a full-length experience of around 40 hours. Square Enix recently confirmed that part two of the remake is in full development and will be released "as soon as possible."

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