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Last Chance To Get Up To 10 PC Games For Cheap

Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Blasphemous, and more.


The Humble Monthly subscription is gone, and for the past month, people have been able to subscribe to Humble Choice, a new monthly service in which you choose which games from a selection of 10 games every month. However, if you want to claim December's titles, then you'll want to do so now because today, January 2, is your last chance. There are different tiers that let you choose more games for a higher price, but if you were paying for Humble Monthly before the transition to Choice, you'll get all 10 games for the same fee you were paying before.

December's Humble Choice games include Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Blasphemous, and Phantom Doctrine, in addition to seven others. If you were converted to the $12 USD/month Classic plan, then you don't need to make any choice: you get all 10. You can see a list of the games in the list below.

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Here are the various Humble Choice tiers you can choose from
Here are the various Humble Choice tiers you can choose from

If you're a new subscriber to Humble Choice, then you'll have to pay more money for fewer games depending on your plan. Premium costs $20/month and gets you nine of these games, while Basic comes in at $15/month with only three games. Each subscription comes with additional benefits, such as a library of DRM-free games, access to Humble Originals, and a store discount--the $5/month Lite plan gets you some of these benefits with no games. You can learn more about these plans at Humble.

If you're already a Humble Choice subscriber, you have until December 27 to unlock your choices. At that point, you'll be charged for the month and sent your games. If you want to cancel before then, you can do that on Humble's website. However, you can unlock your games and start playing now, but once you do so, you'll be charged.

Humble Choice December 2019 games

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