Last Chance to Get These Free Xbox One and Xbox 360 Games

Now is your last chance.


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It's the last day of December, and all of 2016, so that means today is your last day to grab the remaining Games With Gold titles before they return to their normal price points tomorrow.

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On Xbox One, Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition is free until the end of the day, while now is your last chance to grab the excellent racing game Burnout Paradise on Xbox 360. That game is playable on Xbox One via backwards compatibility. Also note that the horror game Outlast is free on Xbox One until January 15.

In addition to these Games With Gold titles, owners can save on lots of titles as part of Microsoft's massive countdown sale--see all the Week 2 deals and more here.

On January 1, a new lineup of Games With Gold freebies will be available, including Deathtrap: World of Van Helsing and The Cave.

December 2016 Games With Gold Lineup

Xbox One

Xbox 360

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Burnout Revenge or GTFO!

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Sleeping Dragons, such a cool game. Sucks that we'll never see a sequel.

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why are poeple should see what shite we get on psn

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You gonna keep copy/pasting this article every 15/16 days? It's as if people don't have friggin calendars or something...

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When do we get Killer Instinct season 2?

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Why the **** don't you link to the article or fucking mention what we are getting next month? Useless

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@allyal1: Wow

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@p0tent: Yea happy new year to all.

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Omg its eddy! Whats up eddy? Sir youre the only writers name i know on this site (just learned it yesterday) and i posted i was gonna say "whats up edster?".

Some people hate you and i dont know why, but i wanna let you know i appreciate what you do sir. People wanted you fired for that deadpool not in wolverine article, no idea why aside from maybe envy. But you do you sir! Apparently their time is extremely valuable while on gamestop but not me, ill read anything.

Later Eddy good luck and happy new year buddy.

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Also the last day to download Lost Odyssey for free as well. Don't forget to snag that deal while it's available, especially if you enjoy JRPGs.

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Xbox team doesnt know what it is doing. It is lacking Quality Assurance.
One Xbx360 game is downloadable for all regions, the second game (Burnout Paradise) is region locked.
Xbox One system doesnt know what to tell you, and gives you generic "cannot download" message.
While Xbox360 is more informative and says straigh away "You are trying to download region locked content.

And why in 2016 year (2017) do we have region locked content?
Also, Burnout paradise sells dozens of DLC for ridiculous amount of money and after you buy it - it doesnt work.

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I love your dedication.