Last Chance To Get PS4's Monster Hunter World Horizon Palico Armor

Get the Watcher armor for your Palico while you still can.


Monster Hunter World released for PS4 and Xbox One last month, but one of the biggest incentives to pick the game up on Sony's console is an exclusive set of Horizon Zero Dawn DLC armor. The gear has been available since launch through a limited-time Event Quest, but it won't be around for much longer.

The first round of Monster Hunter World's Horizon collaboration event ends at 3:59 PT / 6:59 ET / 11:59 UTC on February 8, making this your last opportunity to embark on the quest. The mission is called Lessons of the Wild, and it's a five-star quest available to players who've attained a Hunter Rank of 6 or higher. The object is to hunt eight Barnos, which will net you the materials needed to craft the Watcher armor and Felyn Watcher Grinder weapon for your Palico. You can take a look at the gear below.

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While the Lessons of the Wild quest sounds simple on paper, you'll also have to contend with a Tzitzi-Ya-Ku during the mission. Once you've defeated the Barnos and gathered the required materials, you can forge the Watcher gear at the Smithy. For more details on how to craft the armor, we've put together a guide on exactly how to get Monster Hunter World's Horizon Palico gear.

The second round of the Horizon event begins at the end of the month, on February 28, and runs until March 5. Capcom hasn't detailed what that quest will entail or what Hunter Rank you'll need to reach in order to accept it, but your reward will be materials to craft Aloy's Bow and armor set. When the latter is equipped, it will change your hunter's appearance to look like the Horizon protagonist.

While the Horizon Zero Dawn gear is exclusive to the PS4 version of Monster Hunter World, all players will be able to get the recently announced Street Fighter V crossover costumes. An upcoming Event Quest will reward players with materials to craft Ryu and Sakura costumes for their hunter. Capcom hasn't announced what date the Event Quest will begin, but PS4 players who have a save file for Street Fighter V on their consoles will be able to embark on the mission before everyone else.

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