Last Chance To Get Assassin's Creed Unity For Free On PC

The game is yours to keep if you download it before tomorrow.


The world watched in horror as fire engulfed Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris Monday evening, spreading through the top floor of its attic and eventually collapsing the church's iconic spire. Across the globe, people have expressed their support for the French people, and already millions of dollars have been donated to the cathedral's restoration efforts. Ubisoft is the latest company to pledge its support; the French video game company announced today it will donate €500,000 (about $565,000) to aid the restoration and reconstruction efforts for Notre Dame.

In addition, Ubisoft is giving away Assassin's Creed Unity for free--you can download it for PC (Uplay) at no cost now until April 25 at 3 AM (your local time). Once you download the game, it'll be yours to keep forever in your Uplay games library.

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Ubisoft has a special connection to Notre Dame and the city of Paris--the setting was virtually recreated to a precise level of detail in Assassin's Creed Unity. In fact, the virtual rendition of Notre Dame is so accurate that it may serve as an important piece of historical media. Assassin's Creed Unity level artist Caroline Miousse told The Verge in a 2014 interview that she spent two years recreating the cathedral from the inside out. "I made some other stuff in the game, but 80 percent of my time was spent on the Notre Dame," she said.

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Assassin's Creed Unity provides a unique opportunity, especially for those who have never been to Paris, to experience Notre Dame first-hand in its original glory, so be sure to pick up the game while it's free for the next week.

"Video games can enable us to explore places in ways we never could have otherwise imagined," Ubisoft wrote in its blog post. "We hope, with this small gesture, we can provide everyone an opportunity to appreciate our virtual homage to this monumental piece of architecture."

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