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Last Chance To Claim These Two Games Free On PC

Celeste and Inside are up for grabs.


Amid all the controversy surrounding the Epic Games Store that came to a head earlier this month, the digital game store has quietly continued to offer free weekly games for its users. Over the past few weeks and months, players have been able to claim critically acclaimed titles like Alan Wake, Hyper Light Drifter, Overcooked, and The Witness, and the best part is that they're all yours to keep forever, no subscription required. This week's offering of deals is no exception: For the next seven days, you can claim Celeste and Inside, two platformers with drastically different aesthetics but equally memorable stories. All you need is a free Epic account to snag the two titles.

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First up is Celeste, a gorgeous platformer about climbing a mountain and conquering one's inner demons. You control a young woman named Madeline, who has traveled alone to Celeste Mountain in the middle of winter, determined to reach its summit. As she climbs the mountain, she encounters a colorful cast of side characters who help (or hinder) her journey, including a fellow climber with whom she develops a close friendship. Celeste is an extremely difficult platformer, but also a forgiving one--there are settings you can adjust at any time to decrease the difficulty, even if it's just to get past one particularly frustrating obstacle. Easily one of the best games of 2018, Celeste is a true gem worth experiencing.

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A few weeks ago, Epic released Playdead's Limbo as a weekly freebie, and now you can play the studio's follow-up puzzle-platformer, Inside. Similar to Limbo, Inside features a dark, monochromatic environment full of dangerous traps and monsters. The protagonist is an unnamed boy, who must navigate this hazardous environment without dying (spoiler: you'll die a lot) and eventually stumbles upon a bizarre scientific experiment. In addition to normal platforming elements, Inside also introduces a mechanic that lets the boy control bodies to help him solve puzzles. Just as in Limbo, there's no dialogue and the ending is a bit open-ended, but it's one you won't soon forget.

Both Celeste and Inside will be free to claim until September 5, when they'll be replaced by the next round of freebies, The End Is Nigh and Abzu.

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