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Last Chance To Claim These 2 Free PC Games

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The Epic Games Store has truly embraced the Halloween spirit with its free games offerings this month, with Alan Wake's American Nightmare and Observer available to claim over the past week. This week's pair of freebies includes another spooky game to add to your collection: psychological horror game Layers of Fear. If creepy isn't your thing, you can also claim physics-based puzzle game QUBE 2 for free as well. To claim Epic's weekly free games, all you need is an Epic account (which is free to create); after you've added the games to your account, they're yours to keep forever.

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Layers of Fear is a first-person psychedelic horror game where you control a painter who is mentally tortured by secrets from his past and often suffers from hallucinations. The gameplay mainly involves exploring his large Victorian mansion and solving puzzles while also finishing his masterpiece painting, layer by layer. The Masterpiece Edition also includes the Inheritance DLC, which tells the story of the painter's daughter as she returns to her childhood home to face her past.

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Also free this week is QUBE 2, a puzzle game and sequel to Q.U.B.E. Your character, archaeologist Amelia Cross, wakes up on an alien world wearing strange gloves that allow her to manipulate the environment around her. You must make your way through a maze-like structure, solving puzzles and slowly uncovering the truth about yourself and the world around you.

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Layers of Fear: Masterpiece Edition and QUBE 2 will be available for free at the Epic Games Store until October 31, when they'll be replaced by acclaimed sci-fi horror game Soma and cute Halloween adventure Costume Quest.

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