[Last Chance] Snag This Free PC Game From Ubisoft

Time to hit the slopes.


Even though it's mid-May and the days are growing warmer, you can pretend it's still winter and conquer snowy mountains in Steep, an extreme sports game that's 100% free to claim from the Ubisoft Store right now. The game normally sells for $30, but you can grab it for $0 and it'll be yours to keep as long as you claim the title before 6 PM (your local time) on Tuesday, May 21.

To claim the free game, just click the green text that says "Get it for free before 5/21," and you'll be prompted to either launch Uplay (Ubisoft's PC games platform) or download it for free if you don't have it already. Once in Uplay, you'll be able to claim the deal, and Steep will automatically be added to your Ubisoft account so you can play immediately.

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In Steep, you'll take to the snowy Alps to ride, perform stunts, and compete with other players. There are four unique ways to travel around: skis, wingsuit, snowboard, and paraglider. You can create your own tricks and challenge friends to beat your records, or just ride around exploring the snowy mountain terrain, discovering secret spots and enjoying the spectacular view.

"Steep's reflective moments and the sheer joy of its exploration can outweigh some of its rougher points, and some of the most fun it offers comes from simply traveling to undiscovered locations--just you against the mountain," wrote critic Leif Johnson in GameSpot's Steep review.

Speaking of free PC games: The latest free game from the Epic Games Store, Stories Untold, is also available to claim now on PC. You can claim it at no cost until May 30.

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