[Last Chance] PS4's Free PS Plus Games For June 2018 Still Available

PS4, PS3, and PS Vita players can now download these games for free for the month of June.

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With June in full swing, PlayStation Plus subscribers have another lineup of free games available to download throughout this month. There are some great titles this month, spread across PS4, PS3, and PS Vita. There's also a bonus game announced during E3, as Plus members can download Call of Duty: Black Ops III for free from now through July 11; everything else is available until July 3. Additionally, Destiny 2 will be free to play for a few days if you have Plus. [Update: Time is running our for June's freebies, but we now know what to expect in July.]

In terms of the standard lineup, PS4 players can download the excellent XCOM 2 for free. The strategy game has tons of fans and has gathered lots of critical acclaim over the years for its many tactical layers, fun high-stakes gameplay, and great character development. In GameSpot's XCOM 2 review, Mike Mahardy gave the game a 9/10, calling it a superb strategy game that results in deep and meaningful playthroughs.

The other PS4 title you can pick up for free this June is Trials Fusion. The motorcycle platform-racing game has you zooming your way through courses covered in obstacles and ramps--the goal is to beat out players from around the world in time trials. Another well-reviewed title, it scored 8/10 in GameSpot's Trials Fusion review, where Tom Mc Shea called it "a great game that not only tests your skill and patience, but keeps you laughing at the ridiculous scenarios."

PS3 players can play Ghost Recon: Future Soldier for free. The game blends the Ghost Recon series' realistic shooting action with futuristic tech. The other free game is the Complete Edition of Zombie Driver HD, an isometric action game where you'll drive around a car slaughtering zombies. If you're a PS Vita player, multiplayer action game Atomic Ninjas, and puzzle game Squares are free to download too.

PS Plus Free Games Lineup For June 2018


  • Trials Fusion
  • XCOM 2


  • Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier
  • Zombie Driver HD: Complete Edition


  • Atomic Ninjas
  • Squares

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Avatar image for abehpfan

Why was this article released on Google Amp as if was new?

Avatar image for ukgamer51

already had and played both - nothing there for me

Avatar image for juninhotorres

great! =]

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As long as there's one game I'm interested in each month, I'm happy. Never played Xcom, excited to check it out!

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@djwood84: Save often!

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@djwood84: The game is pretty hard, even on rookie mode.

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Didn’t we already get XCOM 2 or am I remembering wrong?

Avatar image for Vodoo

@forester057: You're remembering wrong. Never was a free game. The Xbox released a 360 bc Xcom game a ways back though, the expansion iirc.

Avatar image for tingtong

Never would’ve downloaded XCOM 2 if I knew it was turn-based.. deleted about 3 minutes after playing because it was so mind bogglingly boring

Avatar image for djwood84

@tingtong: I was going to play Starcraft 2 until I realized it was an RTS. Same thing with Halo until I found out it was an FPS. So now, since I'm looking for a good puzzle game, I'm going to stick with Forza.

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@djwood84: I suggest FIFA.

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@tingtong: sucks to be you.

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I'm letting my PS+ lapse for the first time since it launched.

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@superklyph: Same here. Maybe when they add a game I'm interested in I'll reactivate.

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Nice!! I've been holding out on buying XCOM 2 for sometime now.

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@Ice-Cube: Same!!

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