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[Last Chance] PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One Game Sale At GameStop In The US

One week only.


Each Wednesday, GameStop refreshes its list of deals and puts out a new weekly ad. This week's ad is live, so we're here to break down all the PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch games, hardware, and accessories you can save money on between now and August 21.

Let's start with hardware. Buy a new Xbox One, and you get an Xbox One game of your choice (up to $60) for free. And if you're ready to upgrade to an Xbox One X, you can get some bonus cash by trading in another current-gen system. Between now and August 28, you'll get $300 for trading in a PS4 Pro; $250 for PS4, Switch, or Xbox One S; and $200 for an original Xbox One.

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You might think the 3DS hardware family is dead now that Nintendo has another handheld-capable device on the market. But with games like Etrian Odyssey Nexus and a Bowser's Inside Story port announced for 2019, you're not entirely correct. If you're in the market for a New Nintendo 2DS XL, you can save $20 this week, bringing the price down to $130.

As for game discounts, there's not much here you can't find for similar prices elsewhere, but the deals are all right. Assassin's Creed Origins, Fallout 4: GotY Edition, and Rainbow Six Siege: Advanced Edition are available for $30 each. The core game of Destiny 2 is down to $10, though considering the cost of the expansions, you'd probably be better off grabbing the Forsaken Legendary Collection, which launches September 4.

You'll also get an extra $5 added to the trade value of any PS4, Xbox One, or Nintendo Switch game if you put it toward a pre-order. Wondering what to pre-order? Check out our list of the top pre-order guides.

You can find more game deals in the list below, or check out GameStop's full ad.

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