[Last Chance] Pokemon Go Supereffective Week Now Live, Features New Shiny Pokemon

From November 19-26, you can more easily find Pokemon that are effective against Team Rocket.


Update: We're in the final stretch of Pokemon Go's Supereffective Week. The event ends tomorrow, November 26, making this your last chance to more easily find Pokemon that are effective against Team Rocket in the wild and Raid Battles. Niantic still has a few other events lined up before this month ends, however, starting with the debut of the Legendary Pokemon Terrakion immediately following Supereffective Week. The original story follows.

Pokemon Go's December Community Day has been announced, but before that arrives, developer Niantic still has a few events lined up for the hit Pokemon mobile game this month. That begins with Supereffective Week, which kicked off on November 19 and introduces another new Shiny Pokemon to catch.

During Supereffective Week, which runs until November 26, you'll be able to find Pokemon that are effective against Team Rocket and other trainers more often in the wild, as well as in Raid Battles and through Field Research tasks. On top of that, you'll receive twice the normal amount of Stardust from trainer battles, and PokeStops will distribute more Potions and Revives than usual. Finally, you'll have your first chance to encounter Shiny Tentacool in the wild.

Following Supereffective Week, a new Legendary Pokemon, Terrakion, will make its debut in Pokemon Go. The second member of the Swords of Justice trio is set to appear in five-star Raid Battles beginning November 26, replacing the current Legendary, Cobalion. Terrakion will be available in Raids until December 17.

Before November comes to an end, Niantic is also holding Pokemon Go's first-ever Friend Fest. That event runs from November 27 to December 2, and during that time, "family-themed Pokemon" such as Nidoran and their evolutions will appear more often in the wild. On top of that, trading Pokemon with friends will require half the usual amount of Stardust, and you'll be able to make two special trades per day. You can read more details about this month's Pokemon Go events on the game's official website.

In other Pokemon news, the series' latest mainline games, Pokemon Sword and Shield, launched on Nintendo Switch last week, and to celebrate their release, Galarian Weezing recently made its debut in Pokemon Go. The Galarian Pokemon appeared for a special Raid Hour immediately following November's Community Day, and while that event has ended, it can still periodically be found in four-star Raids. Additionally, Niantic has added new avatar items based on the default trainer outfits from Sword and Shield to the Style Shop.

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