[Last Chance] Pokemon Go Rayquaza Raid Event Now Live

The Legendary Sky High Pokemon is back from March 15-18.

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Now Playing: Pokemon Go Brings Back Rayquaza For A Limited Time - GS News Update

Update: Your time to catch Rayquaza in Pokemon Go is running out. The Legendary Sky High Pokemon will only appear in Raid Battles until 1 PM PT / 4 PM ET today, March 18, making this your last opportunity to capture one before Niantic's special Raid Weekend event comes to an end. The original story follows.

If you don't yet have Rayquaza in Pokemon Go, you're in luck. Players who missed their chance to catch the Legendary Sky High Pokemon will be able to catch one right now. Niantic has brought the Pokemon back for a special Raid event that runs through the weekend, giving you a limited amount of time to get your hands on one.

From March 15-18, Rayquaza will make an encore appearance in Raid Battles around the world. Before you can capture the Legendary Pokemon, you'll first need to team up with other players in-person and battle it. If your group manages to defeat it, you'll receive a handful of Premier Balls along with an opportunity to catch it.

Rayquaza is a dual Dragon/Flying-type, which makes it particularly susceptible to Ice-type attacks, so you'll want to bring along Pokemon such as Mamoswine and Lapras to battle it. Dragon is also one of the few Pokemon types that is vulnerable to itself, so other Dragon Pokemon such as Giratina and Salamence should prove to be effective as well.

Niantic periodically brings back previous Legendary Pokemon for special Raid Weekend events such as this one. Last month, the Eon Pokemon Latias returned for a limited time, and Niantic has teased that its twin, Latios, will also come back for a Raid event in the near future. Specific details on that have not yet been shared, though we do some of the other upcoming events that fans can look forward to.

The game's next Community Day event takes place on Saturday, March 23. The featured Pokemon this time will be Treecko. The Legendary Pokemon Dialga is also set to show up in Raid Battles until March 28. Meanwhile, developer Niantic recently shared new details about Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, its upcoming Go-style game based on the Harry Potter franchise. And the next generation of Pokemon games, the Gen 8 Pokemon Sword and Shield, were revealed for Pokemon Day just last month.

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