[Last Chance] One Of Switch's Mario Games Is Free To Play For Online Subscribers Until Tomorrow

Mario Tennis Aces will be free to play for NSO subscribers from August 7-13.


Free game trials are a common practice on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, but they're much rarer to see on Nintendo consoles. However, if you're a Nintendo Switch Online subscriber, you now have a chance to play one of the system's Mario games at no charge for a limited time. [Update: The Mario Tennis Aces free trial ends tomorrow, August 13, making this your last chance to try the game out for free, but it'll still be on sale in the Eshop until August 20.]

Right now, Nintendo is holding a free trial period for Mario Tennis Aces. NSO members will be able to play the full game for free until 11:59 PM PT on August 13. The title will also be available for 30% off from the Eshop until August 20, so if you like what you've played, you can pick it up at a discount and carry over any progress you made.

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Mario Tennis Aces launched in June 2018 and has received a steady stream of updates and new content since then. The game's final free DLC character, Dry Bowser, arrived last month, along with alternate costumes for Wario and Waluigi. The game now features 30 playable characters, including a handful who have never appeared in a Mario Tennis title before, such as Boom Boom and Pauline.

In GameSpot's Mario Tennis Aces review, critic Justin Clark wrote, "The Tetris Effect is in full swing here; days after the credits rolled, I still crave the satisfying thwack from a Power Shot, mentally replay matches and imagine how I might do things differently given a bit more focus and know-how. Mario Tennis Aces does what this series has done best, and for the most part, improves what it's rarely gotten right prior."

NSO subscriptions are available for US $4 / £3.49 / AU $6 for one month, US $8 / £7 / AU $12 for three months, and US $20 / £18 / AU $30 for one year. Nintendo also offers an annual Family Membership that costs US $35 / £31.49 / AU $55 and covers up to eight Nintendo Accounts across multiple systems. Other perks to the service include the ability to play Switch games online, access to a library of NES games, and the ability to back up game saves via the cloud. If you're an Amazon Prime member, you can still grab nine free months of NSO from Twitch.

That isn't the only freebie NSO members can take advantage of. Nintendo is also offering a free Spirit Board Challenge Pack for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The pack is only available for NSO subscribers and includes an assortment of helpful items for the game's Spirit Board mode.

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