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[Last Chance] Free Legendary Available For Ultra Sun / Ultra Moon

Get a free Shiny Ultra Beast for a limited time.


Latios and Latias aren't the only Legendary Pokemon players can pick up for free this month. To celebrate the release of the newest Pokemon TCG expansion, Dragon Majesty, The Pokemon Company has announced it is giving away a free Poipole in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon--but as usual, the way to claim it will vary by region. [Update: The Shiny Poipole distribution is scheduled to end this week, on October 7, making this your last chance to claim a download code for one if you still haven't.]

Originally unveiled under the codename UB Adhesive, Poipole is one of the new Ultra Beasts introduced in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, meaning you'll need to own one of those two versions to receive it. What makes this particular Poipole special is that it's a Shiny; unlike most of the ones you're likely to encounter in the game, this one is white and gold rather than the usual purple.

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In the US, the Shiny Poipole will be given away as a download code at GameStop stores from September 17 - October 7. In the UK, players will be able to pick up a code for the Pokemon at Smyths stores from September 17 - October 15. Poipole will be distributed throughout the rest of Europe in the September Pokemon Trainer Club newsletter.

Unlike most of the other Legendary Pokemon given away this year, this Poipole comes at level 40 and isn't carrying any held items. It also knows the moves Venom Drench, Nasty Plot, Poison Jab, and Dragon Pulse. It needs to know the latter move and level up in order to evolve into the Poison/Dragon Pokemon Naganadel.

The aforementioned Latios and Latias are September's free gifts as part of the ongoing Year of Legendary Pokemon promotion. The pair are claimable in any seventh-generation Pokemon game, although the one you receive will depend on which version you own. You can read how to get them here. You can also see the other freebies available now in our roundup of all the free Pokemon for Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.

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