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Last Chance For These Xbox One Deals On Sonic Classics, Wireless Controllers, And More (US)

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Stock up on new games for the summer.

Now that the frenzy of E3 2019 is over, all those great game deals are no longer available, but while the big Xbox One game and console sale has ended, the Xbox Store is back on its regular schedule of offering new weekly game deals. The newest batch of Xbox One deals is available now, including a Sonic anniversary sale, discounted indie games, $10 off Xbox wireless controllers, and more.

The spotlight is on everyone's favorite speedy hedgehog this week, as Sonic the Hedgehog debuted on the Sega Genesis in North America 28 years ago this month. To celebrate, Sonic's recent games on the Xbox One are marked down along with a collection of Xbox 360 games, many of which are backward-compatible with Xbox One. For the next week, you can get the newly released competitive racer Team Sonic Racing for $30, the gorgeous, retro-style Sonic Mania for $12, and 3D platformer Sonic Forces for $15. If you feel like taking a trip down memory lane, you can also save on classics like Sonic Adventure 2 for $5 and the original Sonic the Hedgehog for $2.49, both of which can be played on Xbox One.

The Xbox Store is also highlighting discounts on games from independent developers, who can self-publish digital games on Xbox One and PC with the ID@Xbox program. Some of the best indie games to grab on sale this week include My Time At Portia for $24, The Witness for $20, Observer for $9, and The Gardens Between for $12.

Plus, if you're in the market for a new Xbox wireless controller, this is a good week to pick one up, as many styles are marked down by $10 in the Xbox Store (excluding, sadly, the new Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2). Both the Phantom White and Phantom Black special edition controllers are down to $60, and some older styles, like the pink Minecraft pig design and Armed Forces II special edition, are discounted to $55. However, consider checking Amazon first, where some wireless controllers are as cheap as $45 this week.

Check out the full offering of deals at the Xbox Store and more of our picks below!

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... It hits hard that "Sonic Forces" is the only real 'modern sonic' game we've gotten this entire generation. Even the 360 got 3 cracks at screwing it up lol. Here's hoping they learned something from Mania's success... but... lol what I'm saying... hahaha Sega... LEARNING SOMETHING... HAHAHAHAhahahaha... ha... haaaa *sad*

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@skyhighgam3r: Don't be sad.

Next-generation consoles might have the power to fully commit Segaside. We're talking Dreamcast 2 levels of power here.

That's when they will finally drop Sonic Adventure 3.

Segata Sanshiro had a vision. Minimum 60fps. New Prototype Blast Processors. A feature film.

You can't rush perfection, my friend. We must be patient, for Sega knows it's next step and it's gonna be radical.

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