Last Chance For PS4 Game Deals On PSN In The US

Find lots of discounts on Ubisoft games in this week's sale.

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The PS Essentials sale has ended, but some new game deals are now available in the US PlayStation Store (as is February's slate of free PS Plus games). This week, Ubisoft is holding a sale on a number of its PS4 titles--with an extra percentage off available for PS Plus subscribers--while Epic Games is offering discounts on Fortnite's paid Save the World mode. [Update: You only have a few more days to take advantage of this week's PS4 deals, as the Ubisoft sale is set to end on February 19.]

Nearly the entire Assassin's Creed series is on sale this week, including its latest installment, Assassin's Creed Odyssey, which is $30 for PS Plus members (while everyone else can pick it up for $36). 2017's entry, Assassin's Creed Origins, is down to $19.79, while Assassin's Creed Syndicate is $12.49. If you're interested in picking up some earlier titles, the Ezio Collection is available for $10, and Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag is $9.

With a new entry, New Dawn, launching soon, the Far Cry series is likewise on sale this week. Far Cry 5 is down to $15 for PS Plus members, while its predecessor, Far Cry 4, is $12. You can also pick up Far Cry 3 Classic Edition for $13.49 or Far Cry Primal for $10. Beyond that, a variety of Tom Clancy-branded games are discounted: Ubisoft's popular tactical shooter, Rainbow Six Siege, is $12.49, and Ghost Recon Wildlands is $15. Finally, the loot-driven shooter The Division is down to $10 if you're interested in picking it up before its sequel arrives next month.

In addition to the Ubisoft sale, Epic is holding a sale on Fortnite: Save the World. Unlike the game's free Battle Royale mode, Save the World is currently only available as a paid download--although Epic has expressed plans to take it free in the future. In the meantime, if you're interested in jumping in, you can get its various Founder's Pack--which include access to the game along with other goodies--at a discount. The standard Founder's Pack, which typically runs for $40, is available this week for $20, while the Deluxe Founder's Pack is $30.

You can see some other notable deals below; the full list can be found on the PlayStation Store. The Ubisoft sale runs until February 19, while the Fortnite: Save the World discounts will be available until February 13.

Ubisoft Sale

Fortnite: Save the World Sale

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Avatar image for elementalweapon

I know most people will say it’s just another Ubisoft sale, but this is actually really good, especially for the DLC items. Either because I’ve missed previous ones, or there haven’t been any with it, I’ve been waiting well over a year for the AC Syndicate season pass to go on sale for at least 50%, and with PS+ it’s even more.

I wasn’t even thinking of getting Odyssey until later in the year, but the Gold Edition at $40 is a ridiculous deal considering how recently it came out, and it includes a whole other game with its DLC. Origins gold edition is also at a great price.

Couldn’t be happier.

Avatar image for Vodoo

I watched a video on the AC: Rogue Remaster from the 360 to the Xbox-X and there's literally almost no difference in graphics. Rogue was the only game in the series, besides Odyssey, I haven't played because Unity came out at the same time on next gen consoles (at the time), and Rogue was 360/PS3. But MS just released the 360 version of Rogue as a free game this month. So screw the half assed remaster. I finally get to play it and a lot of people think it's one of the best AC games. Interesting story to... Assassin turns Templar.

Avatar image for jesterofbass

Ubisoft sale last week on XBox, this week on Playstation.


Yeah no thanks.

Avatar image for srfilk86

Annnnd, it's trash. Maybe next week.