Last Chance For December's Free PS Plus Games (PS4, PS3, Vita)

The final freebies of the year are here.

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Now Playing: Free PS4/PS3/Vita PlayStation Plus Games For December 2018 Revealed

December will soon be coming to a close, which means PlayStation Plus subscribers are running out of time to grab this month's free games. Add them to your library, and they'll be yours to download and play as long as you have an active PS Plus subscription. You can get all of the free games right here.

December may be known for its holidays, but Soma, one of the free PS4 games, a is decidedly not filled with holiday spirit. In this atmospheric horror game, you're tasked with exploring a seemingly deserted underwater facility to discover what happened to the human and AI occupants. The other PS4 freebie is Onrush, an off-road online racing game that's more about takedowns and teamwork than about finishing first.

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On PS3 this month, you can grab Steredenn: Classic, a pixelated space shooter that mixes retro-arcade action with procedurally generated levels and massive boss fights. The other PS3 freebie is SteinsGate, an anime-style visual novel about teenage scientists who discover a way to send messages to the past--which you can bet begin to affect the future.

This month's PS Vita games are the customs agent sim Papers, Please and the Metroidvania-style side-scroller Iconoclasts, the latter of which is also playable on PS4 thanks to Cross-Buy. Make sure to grab your free games by Tuesday, January 1, because that's when a new batch will come and take their place.

Free PS Plus Games For December 2018


  • Soma
  • Onrush
  • Iconoclasts (also on PS Vita)


  • Steredenn
  • SteinsGate

PS Vita

  • Papers, Please
  • Iconoclasts (also on PS4)

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Avatar image for imajinn

Icono isnt even in the store lineup. Unless they are adding it later I suppose

Avatar image for jamesbr27

Why not Steins Gate 0 for PS4 instead of Onrush?

Well, SOMA, finally I'll be able to play this game.

May 2019 brings us better and more renowned games, not only indie shovelwares.

Avatar image for CRAPCOM1926

I just want to say that iconoclast is NOT FREE ON PS4, got soma and onrush but i wanted ICONOCLAST and the store has it a 19.99$ not for free....i am missing something or this is only on vita?

Avatar image for lower_case_dave

@CRAPCOM1926: Yeah, they screwed that up. I'm GUESSING they will fix this in a few days, but if you don't want to wait, here's what I did: Sign in to the Playstation store on your computer, navigate to the PS Plus section (up on the menu to the far right there's a pull-down under "$AVE" for Playstation Plus). Then on the left-hand side menu click on Free Games.

You will see Iconoclasts listed only for Vita there, but click on it anyway to add it to your cart. Complete the purchase. Once you do that you will see in your Download list (Top menu, pull down from your screen name) that Iconoclasts for PS4 HAS been added to your downloads.

Go back to your PS4, go to the store, down to library, to Purchased and you will see it on your list. Click to download and enjoy!

Avatar image for al89lan

I really wanted to try out 'Papers, Please'

Is the VITA release also on the PS4 as well?

Avatar image for masterfrankgrimes

They just get worse each month. The games are why I even pay for Plus. It's ridiculous to charge people to play online, considering everything practically requires online these days. Sure wish people would stand up and say no, but of course, idiocy reigns supreme and you people keep justifying your gullibility.

Avatar image for dragonsama

@masterfrankgrimes: You are missing out then. Soma and Steins Gate are really good.

Avatar image for srfilk86

Sniffff. I smell garbage.

Avatar image for dragonsama

@srfilk86: Umm no. Soma and Steins Gate are really good.

Avatar image for srfilk86

@dragonsama: Meh, not into walking simulators and hentai.

Avatar image for aross2004

@srfilk86: That means it's time to change your underwear.

Avatar image for videogameninja

While I wasn’t the biggest fan of Soma it was one of those titles that seemed to amass a wealth of praise from critics in the gaming landscape and as such is at the very least worth cheking out.

While I liked many aspects of it as a whole (pretty good narrative.) I have a hard time really getting into the whole “run away to survive” mechanic employed by Soma as in other games like Outlast.

For me, while at first, this angle produces a lot of tension and fright it loses its luster after the 5th or 6th time and becomes more of a burden to the overall enjoyment of a game.

That’s not to say that others should avoid this title but for those perhaps not sold on other titles like Outlast just know what you are going into.