Last Chance: Fantastic PS4 Game Sale On PSN This Week

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This week's PSN discounts are nearing their end, so if you have a PS4, PS3, or PS Vita, you'll probably want to take a look. It doesn't feature a particularly long list of discounted games, but you might find one you want in there. Here are some of the sale's highlights. [Update: Sony is also running a great Game Awards sale this week on PSN].

If you've been curious about The Elder Scrolls Online, now's a good time to hop in and see what the MMO has to offer. The base game is half off at $10 and the Summerset expansion is down to $20, or you can go all in and pick up everything released so far in The Elder Scrolls Online: Collection for $40.

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With Metro Exodus coming early next year, now is a great time to get caught up on the apocalyptic shooter series. You can do that for cheap this week, because Metro 2033 Redux and its sequel Metro: Last Light Redux are on sale for $5 each. Or you can save even more money and get both together for $6 with the Metro Redux bundle.

The Dead Island series is on sale this week, as are the Saints Row games. The action-RPG Kingdom Come: Deliverance is down to $39, and the Quanitc Dream Collection, which comes with Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, and Detroit: Become Human, is discounted to $40.

You'll find more of our picks below, or you can check out the full list of sale items on the PlayStation Store.

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Avatar image for ahsanh

Metro Redux is a bundle of two games, right?

Avatar image for SoNin360

@ahsanh: Yep

Avatar image for ahsanh

@SoNin360: Thanks! Bought it for $6.

Avatar image for justthetip

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is only $20 at GameStop. And it’s a physical copy, which instantly makes it better anyways. So many PSN games are still full priced when they can be bought for $20-$40 at stores.

Avatar image for superklyph

@justthetip: I think we've gotten past the era of physical games being better. They're just DRM-checks at this point. Digital all the way.

...but yeah. That's too much.

Avatar image for justthetip

@superklyph: **** digital. You can’t return or trade them in. You can’t let a friend borrow them. You can’t buy them used. You can be lazy and not get up to change the disc. That’s the one pro vs several cons.

Avatar image for astrodan13


Avatar image for Ravanofdarkness

Kingdom Come: Deliverance for $39?!? Are they nuts? You can buy the Game brand new at GameStop, Walmarkt, Bestbuy, Amazon or Ebay for $19.99, so shouldn't it be like $15 or less on PSN if it's on Sale? Someone seriously needs to Update that.

Avatar image for forestflyer

All I got to say is that the video review of Detroit Become Human was extremely well done -- thanks.

Avatar image for James_xeno

Sadly, not buying anything from/for sony till they drop their censorship crap.

Avatar image for neurogia

I called it that Detroit was going to tank in price quickly. Haha. I'll wait to pick it up for free on PS+.

Avatar image for zmanbarzel

@neurogia: You definitely called it: a non-Nintendo game got a price cut nearly seven months after release. You really went out on a limb with that one, but you were right.

Avatar image for PrimusTool

@neurogia: Most games tank in price pretty quickly Nostradamus.

Avatar image for mboettcher

Ah, Quanitc Dream, my favorite developer.

Avatar image for darkprince2

Playstation Store is annoying. These deals don't show up in the weekly deals for me. I actually had to Google it to find out there was a Deep Silver sale currently going on.

Avatar image for G-Legend

Is Elder Scrolls Online still populated?

Avatar image for Ohaidere

@G-Legend: as the other guy said, the PC version is still very popular. Dunno if how console is doing without cross play and such.

Avatar image for neurogia

@G-Legend: Yes there's usually a short server que to log in on PC.

Although, on console I doubt it.