[Last Chance] Destiny 2 Trials Of Osiris Rewards This Week (Feb. 5-9)

Jump into the final Trials of Osiris of Destiny 2's Season of the Hunt to get your rewards before Bungie rolls out new gear.


Destiny 2's Season of the Chosen is almost upon us. That makes this your final day to jump into the Trials of Osiris during the Season of the Hunt to finish up your Flawless seal or earn this season's rewards. You might want to try to get whatever you're missing--next season, Bungie is adding new rewards to the Trials of Osiris, including new armor.

As always, the map you'll play Trials on and the rewards you'll get for venturing into Destiny's toughest PvP challenge rotate each week. Below we've listed the map on which you'll do battle along with everything you can hope to earn for your trouble. Trials ends with the weekly reset on February 9, which is the start of Destiny 2's next content season.

Here's the Crucible map you'll face in Trials, plus all the rewards you can earn in this rotation. Trials ends with the weekly reset on February 2, so get your matches in or you'll have to wait for another weekend to roll around. There are only two more weeks of the Season of the Hunt remaining, so you'll want to finish earning your Trials rewards ahead of Bungie rolling out new Trials armor next season.

Trials of Osiris Map And Rewards (February 5-9)

  • Map: The Burnout
  • 3 wins -- Exile's Curse, Arc fusion rifle
  • 5 wins -- The Scholar, Kinetic scout rifle
  • 7 wins -- Hunter, Warlock, or Titan Chest Armor: Vest, Robe, or Plate of the Exile
  • Flawless run -- Tomorrow's Answer (Adept), Void rocket launcher

The Trials of Osiris is a multiplayer event that only shows up in Destiny 2 on the weekends, running from Friday to Tuesday each week. In the Trials, your goal is to go on a streak of wins in hopes of claiming victory in seven matches in a row--what's known as a "Flawless" run. That gets you a trip to the Lighthouse, a special social space only accessible to players who go Flawless, and earns you exclusive rewards and recognition. In the Beyond Light expansion, opening the Flawless chest earns you an "Adept" item, which comes with extra stat boosts unavailable on any other loot in the game, as well as powerful Adept mods that are likewise unavailable anywhere else.

Before you decide that Trials is not for you because seven wins in a row sounds impossible, know that you don't have to go Flawless to earn rewards from the event. When playing in Trials, you earn loot after three, five, and seven total wins. While a loss will end your chances at a Flawless run, you can still earn those incremental loot drops. Once you lose three matches total, however, you're forced to restart your Trials run from the beginning. To access the Trials, you'll need to see Saint-14 in the Tower to purchase a Trials card.

You'll also earn tokens for participating in Trials that you can spend with Saint on additional drops of Trials gear you've already earned--but you have to use any tokens you earn on the weekend you earned them, before the weekly reset on Tuesday.

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