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Last Chance: Best PS4 PlayStation Store Game Deals In The US This Week

Are there still people who don't have GTA 5?


A whole new set of PS4, PS3, and PS Vita games has gone on sale on the PlayStation Store. In addition to the standard weekly sale, Rockstar has decided to mark its PlayStation games down as well. The sales will be live through April 16, so let's go through and find the highlights. [Update: It's now Monday, meaning many of these deals will soon expire. Pick up anything you're interested while you still can.]

A number of deals are available this week, including the adventure game Thimbleweed Park, which is available for half off at $10. The well-received sprite-based game Owlboy is $20, saving you $5. A PSVR game that mixes real-time strategy with tower defense called Korix is $7, down from $20. And if you've been itching to jump into Star Trek Online, many of its Zen packs and ships are on sale as well.

Over in the Rockstar sale, you can buy Grand Theft Auto V for $30, as well as discounts on various bundles of Shark Cash. If you're into older GTA games, you can pick up the Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy for $17.

Perhaps you'd enjoy trying your hand at some detective work. If so, you can pick up L.A. Noire for $30. If you'd rather skip classes, grab Bully for $9. Max Payne and Manhunt are also available on PS4 for $9 each.

On PS3, Rockstar is selling Grand Theft Auto IV for $7 and Red Dead Redemption for $10, with the Undead Nightmare expansion on sale for $7.

In other PlayStation news, if you're a PS Plus member and you haven't picked up April's free PS Plus games yet, be sure to do that too.

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