[Last Chance!] Be Sure To Finish Destiny 2's Corridors Of Time Before Tuesday

Destiny 2's Corridors of Time will disappear on January 28. Here's what you can get from it before then.


Destiny 2's community has solved the secret of the Corridors of Time last week, uncovering the quest for Bastion, the Season of Dawn's latest Exotic. As of the weekly reset on January 21, you don't need the final run of the Corridors of Time to access the Exotic quest--but if you want to see what's in the Corridors of Time for yourself, you better do it right now. According to Bungie, the Corridors will collapse on Tuesday, January 28, and you won't be able to get any of the stuff from inside once that happens.

The Corridors of Time still hold a few additional rewards. There are 19 paths through the maze that unlock lore items, allowing you to get a deeper look at the story of Saint-14. Another path rewards you with a secret emblem, the "Savior of the Past," for your trouble. And finally, completing the 30-doorway solution path for the maze offers some Saint-14 dialogue that advances the story of the season.

In order to earn rewards from the Corridors of Time, you need to take specific pathways through it. Each room of the maze includes several different exits, each marked with a signpost and a symbol. For the lore book titled "The Pigeon and the Phoenix," you need to follow the pathways made up of seven different symbols; for the emblem, the pathway is 11 symbols long; and for the maze solution, you need to complete a pathway of 30 symbols.

That sounds like a lot, but navigating the maze is actually pretty easy. It's filled with Vex enemies but they can almost always be safely ignored. Completing a run takes only 5-10 minutes. For a full rundown of the pathways, check out our complete Corridors of Time guide.

If wandering the Corridors doesn't sound interesting to you, you can safely skip it and still get Bastion. Use our Bastion guide to complete the quest for the Exotic fusion rifle quickly.

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