Laser Squad Nemesis update

Codo Games, a developer made up of some of the creators of X-COM, launches a new official site for its upcoming tactical e-mail game.


Codo Games, a development company made up of some of the creators of the X-COM series and Magic & Mayhem, has launched a new official Web site for its upcoming tactical e-mail game, Laser Squad Nemesis. The new site includes information about the three playable factions, an explanation of the game's background story, and a general overview of the game's features and unusual game mechanics.

The game uses an innovative phased turn system evolved from the original Laser Squad game and the X-COM games. The new system uses e-mail to transfer data between players. Players assume control of one of three factions--the space marines, the mechanoids, or the spawn--and they can issue orders to their units and test them before submitting the orders to the game's central server, where the game turn will be processed. Players will then receive a file that shows the in-game action in a simultaneous real-time mode. The game also features a VCR-style control system that lets players replay previous turns or the entire game.

Laser Squad Nemesis is scheduled for release in December. For more information, visit the new official Web site.

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Don't you guys have any cool addons to the game? In CD-Action I have read that mods and additional maps are actually available in abundance but I just can't find them. Could you send me some links?

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