Laser Squad Nemesis goes gold

Just Play announces that development on the retail version of Codo Technologies' play-by-email strategy game is complete.


Just Play has today announced that the retail version of Laser Squad Nemesis has gone gold. The play-by-email strategy game from Codo Technologies, which has been available for download since February of last year, is scheduled to arrive in UK stores in September.

"We feel passionately that gamers want a return to true gameplay. While graphics and eye candy are important, ultimately people want instinctive, intuitive, and addictive games," said Bob Malin, brand manager at Just Play. "It is a blindly obvious fact, often overlooked by the brand-conscious, licensed-obsessed larger publishers. We know Laser Squad Nemesis hits all these criteria. It is up to us to spread the gospel according to Codo."

In Laser Squad Nemesis, two players assume control of space marines, mechanoids, or the spawn and do battle via e-mailed turns that each represent 10 seconds of real time. The game is constantly being updated by the developers, and the official Web site has news that a fourth playable faction--the grays--will be added soon. For more information on Laser Squad Nemesis, check out our previous coverage of the game.

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