Laser Squad Nemesis blasts into stores

Turn-based sci-fi strategy game from Codo Games touches down on PCs; game can be played over e-mail or against AI.


Laser Squad Nemesis

Copublishers Got Game Entertainment and Merscom today announced that Laser Squad Nemesis is now available in stores for the PC. The game combines real-time strategy with turn-based combat and was developed by brothers Julian and Nick Gollop (aka Codo Games), creators of the X-Com series.

In Laser Squad Nemesis, players amass their armies and establish strategies. Then they pit their tactics against either computer-controlled opponents or human opposition, via e-mail. The US version features more than 20 missions and a free three-month subscription to new downloadable content.

Gamers looking to test their hands at the game can download the single-player demo at GameSpot DLX.

Laser Squad Nemesis is rated T for Teen and sells for $19.99.

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