Lara Croft Finally Gets Real

Daily Variety announces actress for Lara Croft role.


Daily Variety today let the cat out of the bag as to who will play the role of Lara Croft in the upcoming Tomb Raider live-action film from Paramount. Rumors about which real-girl actress or model will star in the game-based movie have been flying around for months. We pondered whether Demi Moore could handle it (you said no in our poll and we agreed) and debated whether or not the current Croft model, Lara Weller, could actually hold her own with a script.

According to Variety, however, the cat is Angelina Jolie, whose previous films include Hackers, Pushing Tin, The Bone Collector, and more recently, Girl, Interrupted and Dancing in the Dark. The Tomb Raider film's storyline, according to Daily Variety, will position Lara Croft as a publishing exec who is somehow also an archaeologist, or at least someone who has enough money to travel around the world. Of course, with Simon West, director of Con Air and The General's Daughter, at the helm, action and adventure will likely eclipse plot - which might just be a good thing in this case.

Writers responsible for the Face/Off script have already written Tomb Raider, the film, and production is scheduled to begin this summer. We'll have more soon.

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