Lara Croft earns Guinness World Record

Tomb Raider star named most successful human video game heroine.


Lara Croft has today been awarded a Guinness World Record that recognises her as the "most successful human video game heroine." The Tomb Raider star won the prize for "transcending the boundaries of video games and becoming a recognisable figure in mainstream society".

Other human video game heroines considered for the newly contrived award included Street Fighter's Chun Li, Donkey Kong's Pauline, Dragon's Lair's Daphne, and Resident Evil starlets Jill Valentine and Claire Redfield. A nonhuman version of the same award has been claimed by Ms. Pac-Man.

"It is a mark of the phenomenal success of the Tomb Raider series that 10 years after the first game release, Lara Croft is more popular now than ever," commented Eidos' Ian Livingstone. The award rather conveniently ties in with the release of Tomb Raider: Legend, which arrives in European stores today and is scheduled for release in North America next week.

Rumours that Mario is soon to be named the "most successful human male video game plumber" have been neither confirmed nor denied by Guinness World Records at this time.

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