Land Warrior Character Feature: Part Three

Our third character feature takes a look at one of Land Warrior's female soldiers, Erica "Mako" Swift.


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However, during a diving vacation in the Caymans, Erica met a retired Navy Seal who so inspired her with his tales of military adventure that she immediately quit her job and joined the military upon her return to the US. During boot camp, Erica routinely requested additional training to see how far she could push herself. Despite impressing her superiors, Erica was not eligible for the CDQC (Combat Diver Qualification Course) since she was a female. She did the next best thing, though, by entering the EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) training program at Indian Head, Maryland. After successfully completing the program with high honors, she was stationed at Ft. Shafter, Hawaii, with the USARPAC EOD Control Team, where she attained the rank of Chief Warrant Officer 2.

Erica's background in scuba diving and flawless dedication to her team eventually caught the attention of Delta Force recruiters looking to fill their ranks with an underwater demolitions specialist. They brought Erica on board as a consultant and eventually sent her to the CDQC - the same course previously denied to her because of her sex. But Erica's remarkable proficiency under pressure quickly got her a field position on one of Delta Force's best five-man squads. In her time off, she can be found surfing the world's biggest waves on the north shore of Hawaii.

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