Land Warrior Character Feature: Part Five

Our fifth and final segment detailing the characters of Delta Force: Land Warrior.


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Jennifer scored high on her military entrance exams and was offered a wide selection of military occupational specialties (MOS). She chose military intelligence with an MOS of 97B, counterintelligence agent. She attended basic training at the US Army Intelligence Center, Ft. Huachuca, Ariz., and after graduating from training, Jennifer was assigned to the 501st Military Intelligence Brigade, Republic of South Korea. Her unit's mission was to conduct reconnaissance, surveillance, interrogation of enemy prisoners, and counterintelligence. Jennifer excelled as a field agent and quickly advanced to the rank of sergeant.

While visiting Korea in search of prospective candidates, Delta Force recruiters took special notice of Jennifer's achievements. Upon accepting her, Delta Force expanded on Jennifer's skills in stealth and martial arts by sending her through its intensive close-quarters-battle training. Her quickness, stealth, and expert skill with all close-range weapons impressed her instructors so much that she was assigned to active duty on one of the best five-man squads.

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