Lair grounded until September 4

Quality assurance issues delay Factor 5's aerial dragon battler until early next month.


Well, that didn't take long. Last week, associate producer Ryan Hamlyn updated Sony's with news that Factor 5's dragon-dueling action game Lair was on track to meet its projected August 14 release date, going so far as to say the game was a done deal and had been shipped to manufacturers.

Today, Hamlyn returned to with slightly less enthused news. It turns out all systems are in fact not go on Lair, and the game's release has been bumped back three weeks to September 4. As cause for Lair's flight being grounded, Hayden fingered an "extra step in QA testing to enhance the community features in the game." Apparently, unforeseen challenges arose while finalizing the offline game to include online features such as leaderboards and medal systems.

Available exclusively for the PlayStation 3, Lair is rated T for Teen. For more on the game, check out GameSpot's previous coverage.

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I hate Gamespot on there review on this game and I always go with Play Mags reviews cause they are spot on they gave this game 9/10 game spot sucks sometimes.

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i really want to buy a game for my ps3, cuz i just got a 40 ' hdtv and started playing motorstorm on it and that's how the ps3 should be played, but i need more games!!! whats the deal? i got the 360 too so whatever comes out on both i usually get teh 360 ver for the achievements, but i like the way my ps3 games (the few I have) look on my tv better...they need titles and the release calendar doesnt look that impressive... here is one that was an anticipated game adn it looks like it bombed...

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Can anyone just try this game before they comment it? I'm pretty sure it will be really good.

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Are you kidding? EGM is a great magazine. They're almost always right about games and if you don't like a reviewer they have three on each game. Lair looks amazing, but after reading some of these reviews I'll admit I'm wavering. I'll wait until it comes out to see more opinions. I just can't believe it could be that bad. Supposedly you can only move with the motion controls and they don't respond very well.

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I really don't trust the EGM or Play reviews. Gamespot and IGN are about the two most accurate in my mind. I'll wait for those before I pass judgement.

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Lol. This game is gonna blow! EGM gave it a crappy review and others are sure to follow. Don't buy the Sony hype.

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im not too surprised it got delayed considering the horrible reviews in EGM, i wouldnt be surprised if it got pushed back even further to the holiday season so they can work on the controls for aerial combat

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LOL, one of ps3 killer apps yeah right

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I find it amusing that the fanboys dismiss the EGM review as being of a version that obviously wasn't complete and therefore not a rating on the true game... yet the Play review, which comes out at the same time and would surely have been a review of the same code is perfectly correct... without ANY of them having played it.

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LAME LAME LAME LAME LAME But at least it makes the game better in a way. I'm very disappointed however since I was hopping to stop working for the summer on the 11th, a saturday, as my last day. Hmm hopefully it will stay like that. Oh well I can still hope for some Bioshock :D

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RE: Robotic_Roll "No matter. Last I heard, the game played terribly anyway. " Don't listen to what Reviews say play the game and find out for ur self just rent it when it comes out.

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I see where gmayronne is comeing from and u also need to remember when the PS2 first came out it was £499 and look were it is now its happening all over again with the PS3.

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gmayronne - You fall under brand name fanboy. You prove it with a single line "but the sony brand is a worldwide seller". A name does not guarantee success, otherwise the PS3 would be selling like hotcakes. I mean, I do agree that the PS1 and PS2 were successful, but I disagree that the PS3 has much in common with them, and see the 360 as the real follower to what the PS1/PS2 stood for, in nearly every way, which is why I think we see so many people crossing over, aside from the many cons to the PS3 at the moment, of course things could change. Then again, the Dreamcast could have won the console war too. Wrong product, wrong time, wrong price, any of those things can sink a console, especially when there are 2 viable alternatives. Its happened before, I just dont think people should place all their faith in a brand name, instead of what the brand stands for.

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not a fanboy statement by the way, just thinking realistically about this.

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nikefreak, i hate to say this man......but sony will eventually be number 1 again with the ps3. i own both systems and i love em both, but the sony brand is a worldwide seller and once games start pouring out (and they inevitably will) the ps3 will start selling faster and faster until its back to number 1. of course the system isnt selling like crazy right now, it dosent have the games yet to warrant spending that much money to many consumers worldwide, but many of these worldwide consumers are probably just waiting for these games to come out. you seem to think MS is unstoppable when compared to the ps3, and maybe so in the US right now but the US market is still just that.....the US market which is large but is dwarfed by the rest of the world who OBVIOUSLY are sony fans given the ps2s sales which are around 120+million worldwide which blows the wii, xbox1, and 360 away combined. sony is a PROVEN worldwide monster in the gaming industry and to say this wont happen eventually is just being blind, but we will see.....and you will be wrong.

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Sony actually added new TRC requirements in the last couple of weeks. They're throwing stuff back that would have passed fine beforehand. Im guessing they've got new online features for offline play in their next update. They bounced something back to us with no warning of the new requirements. Helpful arent they!

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No matter. Last I heard, the game played terribly anyway.

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It takes 6 -8 weeks for a developer/publisher to submit a "final" build to Sony for Approval to Manufacturing to distribution to store shelves. My Bet is that it was bounced for a Sony TRC Standards violation from Sony's QA within the last 2 weeks. Probably a new Standard that has to deal with a System update (maybe a future implementation). Lair will remain the same from what EGM saw, there is no way they will mess with an almost complete product to risk stability/ship window. If they were the delay for game tuning would be much longer than 2 weeks.

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unbreakable - Microsoft announced their response to the "problem" that more consoles were coming back than they would like to see... *(ie - People are bashing the 360 for hardware issues, so to dispell the majority of them they spend a chunk of cash to give reassurance to the gamers)*... If it was a "faulty product man", they would have issued a recall, and further, if it were that bad it wouldnt be selling as well as it is - and still outselling the PS3. But it is, and that does a good job of showing how bad the "problem" really is. Its called saving face. But then again, how can I argue with someone who can use grammar in such a succinct manor, and can fight about previous issues with no regard to the previous answers given. :\

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Thats brave... responding to an argument a day late when most people ignore the dead thread.

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"Nikefreak - And I am sure there is probably 2-3x more 360s coming back broken, likely because there are 2-3x more 360s getting sold :\" Dude, that makes no since. MS has announced it made a faulty product. Last gen didnt see that many Xbox's being returned did it? No. It's a faulty product man, dont try to sugar coat MS's failure rates on account of how well it is selling.

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i hope they also fix the gameplay. EGM gave it bad reviews.

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well I hope that this will turn out good. I will wait for more gameplay movies and reviews before making the choice to buy it. the fact that the game takes up so much space on the blue-ray is intriguing though.

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This isn't too bad. I think I can wait until sep. 4, I guess lol.

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Delays... The new viral marketing technique (actually it's not 'that' new a technique haha)

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i'd rather have it delayed and good then on time and crap

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aug 14 didn't even sound right to me. pushing it back was the right thing to do.

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Despite hoping I'd have a new game for my PS3, Lair doesn't look like it'll be it. We'll see. By the way, I'd seriously discount that EGM score, for the simple fact that the game is quite obviously still being developed (with whips on their bums). They had to have ranked it on an unfinished version. Not saying they'll have gotten it wrong, but its hard to wave that as a flag of doom to come :-)

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Well with this delayed I guess I will just be playing a lot of Mario Strikers Charged till Metroid Prime 3: Corruption comes out on august 27th.

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To bad the game does suck... EGM gave it Lair a 6.0, 5.5, 5.0 b/c of crappy controlls and confusing gameplay... ha ha ha...

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.....not surprised lol but its gonna be worth the wait....i HOPE

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wow, I just figured out the best trick to make ratings increase dramatically... left analog flight controls right analog camera controls omg, someone submit my name for a nobel prize of common ****ing sense

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iddanid many games pre-ordered i cant remember what i got...but i do know i got lair ordered...i hope its worth it....

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It looks like BioShock stands alone for non-sports fans in August. Hey kids,it's back to school time just when the new games come out. This really needs to be addressed. It's like releasing all the blockbuster movies in February. Kids have nothing to do, it's hot outdoors (thanks global warming) and no new games until Blowvember. If it's going to remain this way then the video game companies should use it as good publicity. "We don't release games in the summer so kids will be more inclined to go outside and get exercise. Yeah, that's the ticket."

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anyday now i expect to hear dmc4 delayed till june '08 ;)

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the gameplay videos suggested the game had some rough edges -- probably just as well it was delayed a bit

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well they ruining my day nothing good games on summer break -_-

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The PS3 release dates are joke, very disappointing.

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this is indeed bad news for them. the closer their release date is to Heavenly Sword the less they will sell. Should have had the release as planned, staggered between the two, and get a nice, shared and a lot larger chunk of money than they will do now!

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I'm still getting this game. A delay hasn't detracted my opinion of what the game is in itself. And leaderboards and medals? Allows me to compete. Besides, three weeks ain't that bad. Still coming outbefore school begins, if not only a couple days before. For all of you not buying now because of a delay...go suck a lemon. Delays happen.

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Well, this was supposed to be my PS3 time-killer till Heavenly Sword but it's looking like that isn't gonna happen anymore. Considering how long this game has been in development, you think they'd throw us a bone with a demo on PSN or something but alas, the developers of Heavenly Sword are more intelligent and gave us a taste of what we've been waiting so long for. Guess now this game will be one of those "optional" purchases way down the line sometime when i'm bored and the price of the game drops.

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Lair's gameplay footage doesn't impress me much so far... the battlegrounds seem to empty, and the action seems too repetitive. Hopefully this delay means more meat is being added to the final product.

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I guess I'll be getting Heavenly Sword first.

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Well, poo. No new games for me this month - I could only afford one, I paid off this preorder, and... aw. At least September will be great.

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i agree with anyone who said one bad review wont hurt cuz lair will be good for two reasons. 1. its a sony game and alot of sony games are good when there made my sony. 2. DRAGONS!!!!!!!!!

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I just cancelled my pre-order for this game, and based on all the reviews so far this was probably a good decision on my part. Working folks just can't throw 60 bucks away on something they think might be worth it. And just maybe this is the reason they didn't put out a demo for this game. Hope Heavenly can delivery the goods because we PS3 owners deserve something good after putting up with all these delays and promises!