Lady Sia released for the GBA

TDK releases its latest Game Boy Advance title.


TDK Mediactive has announced the release of Lady Sia for the Nintendo Game Boy Advance. In the game, players assume the role a young princess named Sia and attempt to save her homeland from the clutches of an evil race of beastmen. Throughout the course of their journey, players will travel through four general realms. They are the human world, the peripheral realms, Sia's kingdom, and the T'sao kingdom. Within these four worlds, the game will feature 36 maps to explore. Thirty-two enemies will be featured in the game, including a chameleon, waspmen, a giant walrus, and a foxwoman.

"Lady Sia's engaging personality and unlikely heroism make her a character both male and female gamers can relate to," said Vincent Bitetti, chief executive officer of TDK Mediactive. "The release of Lady Sia on Game Boy Advance demonstrates TDK Mediactive's ongoing commitment to creating innovative, challenging character-based games with broad appeal."

Lady Sia carries a suggested retail price of $39.99.

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