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Lady Gaga Not Only Figures Out What Fortnite Is, But She's Also Coming To The Game

The actress and pop star teases her addition later this week.


A star is about to be born in Fortnite. Actress and pop icon Lady Gaga has teased her addition to Fortnite Festival on February 22, years after asking what the game was on social media and rumors swirling about her appearing in the massively popular title. [Update: We now have more details on Lady Gaga coming to Fortnite.]

On X (formerly known as Twitter), Lady Gaga hilariously riffed on one of her posts from over four years ago to make her Fortnite debut official. In October 2019, she asked "what's fortnight," and today, the musician corrected herself with "*fortnite" and a teaser image of her skin in Fortnite Festival. (Another amusing part of the 2019 post is popular streamer Ninja answering her "fortnight" question, to which Gaga replied: "who are you.")

In August 2022, a Fortnite leak pointed to a Lady Gaga collaboration, following in the footsteps of Ariana Grande and Travis Scott showing up in the battle royale title. However, Gaga's official introduction will seemingly happen in Fortnite Festival, a rhythm game mode made by Rock Band developer Harmonix. The Weeknd has been the focus of Season 1 for Fortnite Festival, with his latest "Popular" music video even premiering in the game.

Fortnite is clearly no stranger to big-time crossovers. For example, there's currently a TMNT Cowabunga event happening in the game, with Leonardo's katanas and Ralphael's sai available as weapons. However, there is one collaboration that seemingly won't happen. Doctor Who boss Russell T. Davies recently said that any talks of a crossover with Fortnite is "a complete myth."

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