L.A. Noire emerging from shadows May 17

[UPDATE] New video for Team Bondi's upcoming 1940's crime-solving title reveals mid-May debut; EU arrival slated for May 20; new trailer inside.


Late last week numerous retailers agreed on a April 5 premiere for L.A. Noire, but according to a leaked trailer for the title, the marketplace listings were off by more than a month.

A trailer dubbed "Serial Killer" for Team Bondi's L.A. Noire found its way to the Internet on Saturday, and on top of offering 90 seconds of new gameplay footage, a release date was shown. According to the video, L.A. Noire will be released for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on May 17.

One of these men leaked the trailer. But which one?
One of these men leaked the trailer. But which one?

[UPDATE] On Monday, publisher Rockstar Games confirmed the release date and revealed the game would arrive in Europe on May 20. It also released the "Serial Killer" trailer, viewable below. The trailer is composed entirely of in-game footage and reveals some new narrative details. It shows that at least one of the crimes that gamers will solve in L.A. Noire is that of the case of a serial killer, heard at one point bragging about the number of women he's murdered.

L.A. Noire is in development at Australian studio Team Bondi and follows a detective entangled in a violent web of vice, corruption, and crime in 1940's Los Angeles. Players jump into the seedy underworld of the metropolis and are tasked with solving a series of murders in what Rockstar describes as an "open-ended challenge."

The title will also use a new facial animation system called MotionScan. According to Team Bondi, reading the faces of characters in L.A. Noire will be a pivotal point of the title. For more on the new technology, check out the tech demo video below.

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@xander25 its being developed by Team Bondi and published by Rockstar

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@Fernt dude really? It's a Rockstar game, when have they ever let us down? If anyone really knows what they're doing when it comes to games it's Rockstar.

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ps: hope it's good. doubt it will be.

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do i hear 3rd person? fernt.

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The atmosphere for this just seems so captivating. The setting is awesome as well.

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@freema & RadicalToenail I am hoping E3 as well, but could defintely see them push Agent back beyond GTA V.Don't get me wrong, I would like either game, but I would prefer both or Agent personally within the next year. There was also that mention of Bully 2, but I could wait for that one as well.

Avatar image for RadicalToenail

@freema Hopefully this E3. It's been a while and since this and Red Dead will be over by the time E3, I'm guessing they might come out with some more info. Unless another part of Rockstar has something to announce :\

Avatar image for freema

Meh, just can't manage to be very excited about this. Sure the uber-realistic facial expressions look neat but really ... at the end of the day it will just be another decent 3rd person title published by Rockstar, like Red Dead. When will Rockstar North release a tiny bit of info on the game they are ACTUALLY working on ... AGENT.

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@Freethinker101 No problem. People misread, it happens. LA Noire was, supposedly, going to be the exclusive that Sony was going to get with Rockstar. Maybe they didn't want to risk shafting Team Bondi, who really doesn't get enough attention for their game (most praise goes to R*), by having a relatively new developer not get as spread as possible.

Besides, it's Rockstar North who is working on Agent. They're the ones who are mainly responsible for GTA. I think we'll all be quite pleased with them pushing the limits of PS3

But it is just pointless to be mean whether you misread or not...suppose I was talking about The Agency, it would not have justified Swamptic saying what he did. :\

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It looks pretty interesting, I plan on picking it up. It does remind me a lot of Heavy Rain. Or is that just me? Should be good!

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Can't wait. This game looks verry interesting.

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@Swamptic, dude that was mean, and at the end of the day Radicaltoenail was right!

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@RadicalToenail thanks for that dude, I had not heard of Agent and assumed you meant The Agency as it was originally meant to be a PS3 exclusive, as was LA Noire. It always pleases me when a new exclusive comes out for my beloved PS3.

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LA noire is very good, but where is Bully 2 theft auto? it is way over due now.

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such a tease

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I'm surprised to see the game coming out so soon. No complaints from me though, it looks amazing!

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this year L.A. Noire and Max Payne 3, next year Grand Theft Auto :D

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@mikemaj82 Agent is the replacement and I have a feeling that it will be better. Team Bondi seems pretty awesome, but they don't compare to Rockstar. Who would you rather have trying to tap the full power of the PS3? Team Bondi or Rockstar?

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and yet another game held back from its full potential because it has to be released on the 360 as well...

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The facial expressions are astounding. While not perfect, it makes me have to take a second glance to realize its a video game and not a real person's face.

Avatar image for RadicalToenail

@swamptick :\ You did push it a bit far with your name calling and assuming I know nothing of what I'm talking about...

Avatar image for RadicalToenail

@Freethinker101 @swamptick Please re-read what I said. Both of you. I said Agent. Not The Agency.

Agent is being developed by Rockstar, is supposedly set during the cold war and is going to be a PS3 exclusive. It will use nearly all the space on a blu-ray disc and will, according to Rockstar, try to utilize all available processor cores.

This will make it virtually impossible to port it to Xbox 360, unless they seriously downgrade it AND put it on multiple discs, but Sony and Rockstar have a deal for it to be 100% exclusive, not timed.

I understand why you have been mistaken. Agent hasn't been in any major spotlight yet, unlike The Agency, but hopefully E3 this year will give us some more info.

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Decent! Already pre ordered :)

Avatar image for cjf187x

This game is going to be great! I think more than anything, this game is introducing new technology in the production of the game. Its been debated for some time the quality of the story games tell and whether or not they will ever achieve the story telling potential of movies. Maybe with technology that uses real actors to play these in-game characters, video games will finally get the respect they deserve from those that are trying to limit the types of games we can buy.

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Rockstar has really moved away from PC I still remember old days when gta 2 was release simultaneously for PS and PC I don't think any game after gta from Rockstar came to the PC on same day as console. ON TOPIC :Game is looking fantastic can't wait to buy on PS3

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Aww I had the impression it was for PC too. :(

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Looking forward to it!

Avatar image for Freethinker101

@RadicalToenail I just wanted to say in the nicest possible way that The Agency is not as PS3 exclusive as PC owners will get it as well.

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It kind of freaks me out in all honesty.. Especially when I compare it to other games that have existed in my 23 years on this planet.. Technology's got scary!

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Avatar image for Falcon084

Go Australia!

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if health regenerates and it isnt as realistic as GTA4 then i might get it

Avatar image for SicklySunStorm

Is there anything Rockstar can't make awesome?

Avatar image for The_Undead_2

I think the facial features look great, the problem is they don't interact well with their own bodies. The heads just kind of float, they don't look that natural. Still, this is setting the standard high for games to come.

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As eerily amazing as the facial animations look, there's something not quite right with them. I don't know, It just looks they used some sort of software to plaster photos of the actor over the in-game model, and it looks kinda greyed out, which is distracting.

Avatar image for XtremeDude09

@Oorakp I think thats because the video is horizontally squashed. Its meant for widescreen.

Avatar image for RadicalToenail

@funkydude31 'grats on the whole assuming you know someone thing, but I guess the judgmental will be judgmental.

Also, please remember that Agent will be a PS3 exclusive. Rockstar has said that it will use almost all the space on a blu-ray disc and as much processor power that the PS3 can give a game, so there is virtually no chance that it will ever come to 360. I know it's not a recent game as it has not come out yet, but I'm just saying that it's reason for PS3 fanboys to love Rockstar anyway.

Avatar image for Sn00pyBrown

Yay even closer to my highschool finals :D

Avatar image for Gamingod2272

Awww, it was pushed back a month. I guess it'll make a great reward for finishing college.

Avatar image for Oorakp

Its really weird how all the characters have really, really, ridiculously big foreheads after they get transfered over from mocap actors. Despite they nail the facial expression with impressive accurately.

Avatar image for fusionhunter

About time.......

Avatar image for MrHatnClogs

@funkydude31 My bad, my lysdexia missed that, I saw the game as labeled for being released for the PS3 and missed that paragraph, but still though theres some good offers coming, with Gabe Newell now changing his mind about the PS3 and after this or sometime in the future Rockstar is going to be developing an exclusive franchise.

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Im so gonna get this game!

Avatar image for MafiaBroad82

I won't be surprised if the release date is later than May.

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oh aye, this is the type of game that will make everyone wet! game of the year 2011 and it is only january...

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This looks amazing, and I shudder to think what BioWare could do with this kind of technology. I Hope Bondi licenses their process to other companies.

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Really curious about this one don't know how it will pan out. Rockstar's never let me down though but will wait for reviews!!