L.A. Noire dev $1.4M in debt - Report

Documents filed with Australian government reveal Team Bondi heavily indebted to staff and MotionScan company on the eve of closure.


L.A. Noire

Earlier this week, it was revealed that L.A. Noire developer Team Bondi was moving to officially shut its doors, following months of turmoil related to accusations of abusive work conditions. Now, another layer to the closure has been revealed. Documents filed through the Australian Securities and Investments Commission state Team Bondi owes a total of $1.4 million Australian dollars ($1.37 million) to its creditors.

Team Bondi's debts have been called in.
Team Bondi's debts have been called in.

According to Edge, which obtained the government documents, these parties include more than 30 Team Bondi employees, who are owed values ranging from $19,000 to over $100,000 each.

Team Bondi boss Brendan McNamara is high on the list of creditors. According to Edge's report, McNamara is owed $102,000, which is the highest amount listed in the documents for a single person.

Also named as creditors in the documents are a number of companies. The most prominent of these is Depth Analysis, the firm that created the MotionScan technology used for facial animation in L.A. Noire. According to the documents, Depth Analysis is owed more than $145,000.

Released for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in May, L.A. Noire quickly topped the sales charts and went on to ship a total of 4 million units. A PC version of the game is set to launch next month. For more on the title, check out GameSpot's review of L.A. Noire.

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