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Kuju studio becomes Zoë Mode

UK-based development studio Kuju Brighton has a makeover to "reinforce unique identity."


Kuju Brighton has decided on a face-lift and has chosen the unusual move of renaming itself as a character--a sassy young woman called Zoë Mode.

The company's new logo shows a young woman with long blonde hair, looking down on the camera and sticking her tongue out, with the tagline, "Kuju Brighton reborn... Try and keep up."

The studio was set up in 2003 and has worked on such games as Eye Toy: Play 3, SingStar: Rocks, and SingStar: Anthems. It currently has 100 staff, and the first game to have the Zoë Mode label will be Crush on the PlayStation Portable.

Studio head Ed Daly commented on the name change, "We've created Zoë Mode; she is the personality that reflects our in-house philosophy of accessible, fun gaming for everyone."

The company also added that the decision was made to "take control of the public face of the studio" to reinforce the company's uniqueness and that the company had been wanting to rebrand itself for some time. Zoë doesn't represent any one individual, a company spokesperson told GameSpot, but rather "[she] is a representation of one of the many kinds of consumer that we're targeting and, to some extent, the type of people who work at the studio and the culture of the studio."

As to her personality, "We haven't released much info about Zoë yet, but I can say that she is an open-minded and social person who likes parties, music, and games." The company added that it may change Zoë's face and identity, although the character will remain.

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