Kuju prepping Redwood Falls for PS3

Independent UK development house is working on FPS for next-gen Sony console; game features enemies with regenerative powers.


During the Play UK 2006 video game seminar hosted by the United Kingdom Embassy in Tokyo, Kuju Entertainment creative director Tancred Dyke-Wells revealed that his company is working on Redwood Falls, a first-person shooter for the PlayStation 3.

Kuju showed off a tech demo of Redwood Falls during his presentation. According to a report by Famitsu.com, the gory sampling showed a man getting shot repeatedly by gunfire. The man's flesh would wear away, revealing bones and other innards behind open wounds. But the man didn't keel over and die after all the injected lead; instead, his body slowly healed until he was fully recovered.

Wells told Famitsu.com that the human model could have been created even more realistically so that even internal organs could be blown away. However, he held back from doing so this time around, since the main focus of the tech demo was to show off Kuju's development prowess.

According to Wells, Redwood Falls will feature plenty of regenerating enemies. The actual game will feature tougher enemies that can heal themselves and transform into more powerful forms and can even manipulate their bones and use them as weapons.

Kuju is currently looking for a publisher for Redwood Falls. No further information was given about the game.

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