Kratos Is Coming To Fortnite Season 5, According To A Leak

It's the God of War himself, in Fortnite skin form.


Fortnite is no stranger to crossovers with other franchises, and the next one has--as is often the case--already leaked. With Season 5 underway, it looks as if a character from a major PlayStation franchise will be showing his face in the battle royale game in the near future: God of War's Kratos. If a leak is to be believed, Kratos will be getting a Fortnite skin, although exactly when it's coming and how you'll get it--or indeed, its very existence--have yet to be confirmed.

Popular Fortnite leaker HypeX tweeted out an image of Kratos, saying that he'll be added to the game "soon." It hasn't been confirmed by Epic Games yet, but HypeX has a notable track record of leaking credible Fortnite news early. It's unclear how soon the skin will be released or if it might be an exclusive to PS4 and PS5 in some fashion. Season 5 will run for the next two-plus months.

The version of Kratos apparently coming to the game is based on his look from the 2018 soft reboot. It continued off from the storyline of the original trilogy, but it used a drastically different combat system and perspective.

More hunters are supposed to be added as Season 5 plays out, so Kratos could be added as part of a new set of characters at any point in the season. He will most likely be available in the item shop for around $20 (with a back bling and other cosmetics included). That's been the price of other recent characters like Ghost Rider, Venom, and Daredevil, although it's worth noting that those tied into last season's theme and weren't a part of one specific platform's IP.

Sony, the owner of the God of War franchise, invested $250 million for a minority stake in Epic Games earlier this year, according to a GamesBeat report. Sony's investment will allow the two to "create unique experiences for consumers and creators," GamesBeat said.

Fortnite players have been digging into all the new content that Season 5 has brought to the game. There's a new bounty system, dozens of NPCs spread across the map, a secret skin yet to be revealed, and even a new way to discreetly travel throughout parts of the map.

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