Koudelka to Arrive This Week

Infogrames announces that Koudelka, a gothic tale of sorcery and mystery, will be released this week for the PlayStation.


After its recent release of Koudelka for the PlayStation to a decidedly receptive Japanese market, Infogrames announced today that it is bringing the horror-mystery game to the US this week.

Koudelka is based on a story of three strangers who are led to the haunted Nemeton Monastery in Wales. They're forced to help each other discover what lies behind a series of brutal crimes. The arsenal featured in Koudelka ranges from medieval two-handed swords to more modern and powerful weapons such as rifles and pistols. The characters can also cast numerous magical spells, each of which requires a certain amount of magical power to be earned before it can be cast.

"Koudelka truly immerses the player into its compelling storyline," said David Riley, director of marketing for Infogrames' San Jose label. "The combination of the game's beautiful cinematics, immersive gameplay, and interesting characters will keep players on the edge of their seats until the end."

Anticipation has been running high for Koudelka, a game that is at least visually impressive. It was developed for SNK by Sacnoth and will be available at an estimated retail price of US$39.99 at most major video game retailers.

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