Konosuba: Legend Of Crimson Movie Debuts In US Theaters Next Week

Konosuba makes its explosive debut in US theaters this month.


Konosuba: Legend of Crimson will premiere in the US next week as part of the upcoming Crunchyroll Movie Night with Fathom Events. Tickets for Legend of Crimson are already available, ahead of its November 12 debut.

"Crunchyroll Movie Nights are a powerful way for anime fans to connect with other fans in the Crunchyroll community," Crunchyroll head of events Mary Franklin said in a press release. "We are excited to present this new Konosuba film for them, which we're bringing to the US only months after its premiere in Japan."

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For those unaware of the comical isekai anime, Konosuba is about a high school boy, Kazuma, who dies and meets Aqua, a self-proclaimed goddess that presents him the option of being reborn in a fantasy magical world with any item or power of his choosing. Annoyed at Aqua's superiority complex, Kazuma forces her to be the one thing to accompany him, only to eventually learn the folly of his mistake when it becomes apparent that his companion is lazy, greedy, and not all that powerful.

Things grow much worse for Kazuma when Megumin, a wizard who can only perform one spell before passing out from exhaustion, and Darkness, a masochistic knight who's too clumsy to actually hit anything, join his party. Many misadventures ensue, including the one presented in Legend of Crimson--which sees the band of misfits journey to Megumin's hometown after her childhood friend and rival, Yunyun, sets a series of events into motion by telling Kazuma, "I want to have your babies."

In GameSpot's Konosuba: Legend of Crimson review, I wrote, "Konosuba is normally a funny series that rises above most other modern isekai anime by doing humorous bits and curating well-written skits between its four main characters. Legend of Crimson largely doesn't work because it deviates from this formula."

You can catch up on both seasons of Konosuba on Crunchyroll. For a list of anime worth watching, check out GameSpot's seasonal guides for 2019.

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