Konami's Winning Eleven 5 to be released in Europe

Konami Europe is bringing the Winning Eleven 5 game from Japan to Europe under a new name. Info and screens inside.


Konami of Europe confirmed today that it will bring World Soccer Winning Eleven 5 from Japan to Europe, with a name change in place. The game will be renamed to Pro Evolution Soccer when the PlayStation 2 game is released in the European territory. In Japan, the game has already sold over 500,000 units and is expected to be similarly successful in Europe, where the sport is the most popular.

Konami has secured the FIFPro license for the game, which means that it features actual player names and likenesses, with authentic animated facial characteristics. There are over 200 players in the game and their range of movements have tripled since ISS Pro Evolution 2. The AI has also been improved to take advantage of the processing power of the PS2. Graphical effects will include rain, day/night games, fireworks, confetti, and even smoke markers strewn throughout the stadiums.

Gameplay modes include exhibition, league, cup, training, and master league. The amount of stadiums has increased to seven, plus one training pitch. The game's controls are completely analog. For example, the strength of passes varies according to pressure put on the action-buttons. For complete multiplayer action, the game can be played with two multitaps and up to eight players.

There's no specific release date yet for Europe. Konami Of America plans to release MLS ExtraTime for the North American PS2.

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