Konami's TGS Software Lineup

Konami will display more than 60 titles at the Tokyo Game Show 2000 this spring in Japan, including new DC and PS2 games.


Konami of Japan has announced that it will be showcasing more than 60 titles at the Tokyo Game Show 2000 this spring in Japan. These will include some new PlayStation2 and Dreamcast titles. Here are some of the titles that have been revealed by the company so far:

DrumMania (PS2)Dance Dance Revolution 3rd Mix (PS)Dancing Stage featuring Dreams Come True (PS)Dance Dance Revolution 2nd Mix Club Version (DC)BeatMania Append Gottamix 2 (PS)BeatMania GB Net Groove (GBC)Jikkyo World Soccer 2000 (PS2)Jikkyo Golf Master 2000 (PS)Ganbare! Nippon! Olympic 2000 (N64, GBC, PS)Hunter x Hunter (GBC)Yugi-oh Monster Capsule GB (GBC)Reiselied: Efemeral Phantasia (PS2)Zoe (PS2)The Day and Night of Walpurgisnacht (PS2)Red (PS)Bishi-bashi Special 3 (GBC)Survival Kids 2 (GBC)

It is interesting to take note that there are two new entries in the PlayStation2 department. Both games, Zoe and The Day and Night of Walpurgisnacht, will be at the show on video only.

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