Konami's Nightmarish Sequel Arrives

The company has released the sequel to Nightmare Creatures on the Dreamcast.


Konami announced today that the sequel to Nightmare Creatures for the Dreamcast is available worldwide. The original game sold 1.5 million copies and Konami hopes the graphically superior sequel will exceed its predecessor. Set in 1934 Europe, players assume the role of Herbert Wallace and chase the evil Dr. Adam Crowley through the phantasmagoric underbelly of London. The game is set in full 3-D, featuring updated and sharper graphics and a score by rock star Rob Zombie.

"Kalisto has done an excellent job of maintaining the elements of the first game that made it so popular and groundbreaking, while improving gameplay, combat mechanics and graphics," said Rick Naylor, Konami's brand manager for action and adventure titles. "Fans of intense horror action should brace themselves for a thrill-ride."

Monsters include giant bats, zombies, and mutated creatures, among others. Players can fight using basic techniques, special moves, and magic spells. In addition, they can interact with the environment by climbing, swinging, clinging to walls, pushing crates, and opening doors.

Nightmare Creatures II has a suggested retail price of US$44.99.

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