Konami's New Silent Hill Project Is Probably Not What You Want

It's being shown at the Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas, so you can probably guess where this is going.


Konami Gaming, Inc., a subsidiary of Konami that deals in designing and manufacturing casino games and technology, will be at this weekend's Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas with a brand new Silent Hill "game," but as you've probably figured out by now, it's not really a game, it's a video slot machine. It's called Silent Hill: Escape and it looks, sadly, like this:

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Details on Silent Hill: Escape are scarce, but does it really matter? According to Yahoo! Finance, Silent Hill: Escape is a "for-wager slot experience" and one of the first to debut on Konami's new video slot cabinet, which features a 49-inch "J" curve 4K UHD display.

Tom Jingoli, executive vice president and chief commercial officer of Konami Gaming, Inc., calls their new cabinet "a first glimpse at great things to come from Konami."

Konami isn't new to the gambling business, and this isn't even the first Silent Hill-branded machine designed for casinos. There was the Silent Hill pachislot machine from 2015, developed by Konami subsidiary Takasago and released just a few months after Konami cancelled the highly-anticipated Silent Hills. Konami also broke fans' hearts with a Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater slot machine in 2016, which featured scenes from the 2004 game redone with stunning, updated graphics.

In better, but still bittersweet Silent Hill-adjacent news, a popular modder recently dug into the still-delisted P.T. and made a number of terrifying new discoveries about the Silent Hills teaser. And just a few days ago, another group of modders uploaded a prototype version of Silent Hill 2 for fans, modders, and those interested in video game preservation to explore. We might never get another quality Silent Hill game, but it's safe to say the fanbase is still going strong.

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